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How to cook pancakes? What

only pancakes I did not try for the life: buckwheat, wheat, millet, rye … Pancakes with honey, with cabbage, with jam, with meat, with cottage cheese … But from all options I prefer only pancakes without stuffing.

Before Maslenitsa in each kitchen of the hostess think out all new and new recipes. How to cook pancakes, I knew since the childhood, but in practice at me good thin pancakes never turned out. Having tried a set of recipes, I stopped on the simplest, without special knowledge.

For preparation of pancakes I take:
- milk;
- egg - 3 pieces;
- flour;
- vegetable oil;
- salt, sugar;
- vanilla (if I am going to cook pancakes sweet);
- fat (for greasing of a frying pan).

I take all products “approximately“. How to cook pancakes, without observing proportions? At first I pour milk in a high bowl or a pan. Then I add to it egg, carefully I mix mix. Gradually I pour sugar, to the necessary degree of sweet. I add salt pinches until I like taste of mix.

I add flour to ready mix. I stir the mixer that there is no lump left. I fill up flour until dough does not begin to remind kefir on a consistence. I add couple of spoons of vegetable oil to the last turn.

I grease the warmed frying pan with the fat piece pinned on a fork. It is enough to walk once fat on a frying pan bottom, and pancakes to it will not stick.

How to bake pancakes? On the frying pan which is well warmed and greased with fat we pour a thin layer dough, slightly inclining a frying pan here and there that dough evenly covered all bottom. We fry a pancake on the one hand. I determine readiness by the reddened edges of a pancake. We overturn pancake, previously having hooked it around that it easily separated from a frying pan. We fry to readiness.

We pile ready pancakes, through each 5 pancakes we put a butter piece.

Still I very much love pancakes with oatmeal addition. How to cook pancakes with oatmeal addition?

I take practically the same products that are described above. Eggs I drive in pieces 5. And, I separate the whites from the yolks. I drive in yolks into milk at once. I add soda on a knife tip. I put proteins in the refrigerator that they were cold as we will shake up them, and cold whites are beaten in more magnificent foam.

I dilute wheat flour with oatmeal. To Bor a ratio of flour about 1 to 1. But all “approximately“ therefore I will definitely not tell. I can precisely tell one - at me more than one pancake a lump never turned out. With experience I just ceased to notice how many I and what add. I do everything mechanically. I cook dough a little more densely, than for pancakes from wheat flour.

When dough is already ready, I get from the refrigerator of a squirrel. I shake up them the mixer until they turn into dense white weight. Accurately a spoon I mix proteins into dough. Attention! It is necessary to mix dough well, but it is very accurate that proteins did not accumulate.

I fry pancakes with oatmeal, oiling a frying pan vegetable. I pour dough thicker layer that pancakes turned out magnificent.

Very important! For preparation of pancakes needs a frying pan with a thick bottom. Special electric crepe makers are very convenient, nevertheless, better frying pans from cast iron for frying of pancakes did not think up yet.