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Who opens us to the world? Light of

In the dark all cats gray. Light opens to the world what we are. Without light we would be all identical and would merge, colourless and cold, with a cold environment. Without Light nothing would be. Light - the beginning to the world visible.

Light visible and invisible, gets everywhere, is absorbed by bodies and reflected, refracting from their surface and from internal structure.

A ray of sunlight - an ideal power source, the fastest courier, the most capable researcher hidden, best “responsible“ for a rainbow. Better can think up nothing a sunlight of people. But whether can absorb a ray of sunlight in itself information and carry it?

We learned to learn about composition of each matter through the spectral analysis long ago. And, studying structure of the atmosphere of planets, scientists use it. Light split on a rainbow speaks to us about what this planet “breathes“. And our Earth “tells“ gentle blue light about itself. Or perhaps and about us?

Day leaves and day comes. Someone cries, and someone laughs, someone prays, and someone swears. Really everything completely disappears?

From school physics we know two laws: conservation law of matter and law of energy conservation. Nothing vanishes completely and appears from nothing. In total here: what was that is and what from this will leave in the future.

Scientists assume that there is a certain information field where all information on all recent and living earlier gathers, about all events which are also which were.

You remember how the king`s son Eliseus in A.S. Pushkin`s fairy tale “About the dead tsarevna and seven athletes looked for the bride?“

“Wind, wind! You are mighty whether
You drive packs of clouds …
You saw where on light
the queen young?“ you remember

A in the tale of the fisherman and a small fish how the sea changes? The blue sea becomes black, and at the end

“Sees, at the sea a black storm:
And were blown up angry waves,
And go, so we howl and howl“.

Also it changes still before the old man retold to a small fish a new wish of the grandma.

The fairy tale - lie? Yes in it a hint - experience of our ancestors.

You sometime had to visit the seriously ill person? In the house where hard and long ill person, window plants do not blossom. It is not enough to raise and blossom at them forces and where members of household do not love each other. Noticed that the cat makes up to the weakest in the house and lays down on a sore point on his body? Reads information on us and absorbs all live world which around us!

So, the information field not only is high over the Earth`s surface, but also near us. We hear, we feel smells, we see eyes and we feel on taste and skin - we perceive consciously and unconsciously whole world which around us and in which we are. And we send stories about ourselves to the terrestrial world too, and live reacts to how we “smell“.

The earth - a uniform organism. And everything that in it and on it - small sections. When the section is sick, all organism tries to help it and if there is no hope for its rescue, then to destroy. And when all organism is in danger, each section strains to keep in itself force and the health for what sends a signal (“a health beam“ and information on the state) and “financial support“ to “communication channels“ - and so itself tries to rescue all body which part it is. So wisely everything in the world is arranged - one for all and all for one: one suffers and recovers through all, and all live and strain for the sake of one. Health is a first-born purity everyone being on the place.

People consider that earthquakes, a tsunami, terrible droughts and floods, even technogenic accidents, are not connected with their behavior in any way. What does the cloud understand? The cloud, of course, understands nothing, but it came not incidentally. There are no accidents in the world, there is unknown human reason, a regularity hidden from it.

Know about us only that within terrestrial gravitation? No!

A sun beam, having pierced air and Earth, changes, gains other color and properties. Each planet shines the special light. That it so - scientists know. The sunlight reflected by Earth seems such gentle and weak that far not to make out it. But only whether Earth speaks about itself to the Universe? If it is so arranged that everything in the world is connected, nothing vanishes, and passes one into another, then can be that Earth appeared in isolation from other planets of Solar system, from our Galaxy, from all Universe. There has to be a communication channel in the Universe same as blood and nervous systems in a body of the person. This communication channel - light. Light visible and invisible.

The Sun carries a message about Earth, about its state and about changes which on it happen. The sun which is “seen“ by the Universe has in many respects other “face“, than that which is seen by us living in her “house“ - in Solar system. And the sunlight visible and invisible, bears all information about us in space, in heaven of heaven on how many can reach. And, likely, transfers all our “secrets“ to other sun etc. And all who are able to hear, know about us, about our victories and failures, about our pleasure and about our problems, and about dangers which threaten us. And where - that is far - far where it is not capable to see an eye of the person, the Universe works for the sake of our rescue.

Scientists send radio signals about us to infinite surrounding space - telegrams that we are and would like to find brothers on reason. Lost labor! If these brothers it is cleverer than us, then they know about us through light proceeding from our Sun for a long time. Also know about us if not all, then a lot of things, and even the fact that we would like to hide.

The world it is invisible “cooks“ to us that it will be tomorrow. When answers? I do not know. But will surely answer!

I dream? Or perhaps precisely I know?