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Immunity, holidays and AIDS. What between them the general?

the Karma of the person are better for those, than more he cared o other live beings. The good karma that others care o us now, or in a type of immunity (odzhasa) is shown. Sometimes we see how who - that falls and he is supported by hands here and are not allowed to fall. This person has a good karma - he cared o of others. Sometimes we see A how who - that lies on the earth in the crowded place and nobody will approach it. Means, the person did not want to care o of others.
Also negative karma can be shown as bad immunity (a shortcoming odzhasa - vital forces) that in naikhudshem option to be shown as AIDS. This illness is described in Ayurvedic treatises to which already several thousands of years. Also there medicine for it is given - it is necessary constantly, 24 hours a day and all life to care o of others. O old men, children, women and cows is especially favorable to care. To a regret, such treatment is not favorable to medicine and the pharmaceutical industry - will not earn from it much! Yes and to most of modern city patients it is better to die, than to live in the village, to look after a cow and to get rid of the egoism.
Exists communication between holidays and odzhasom. Since the holiday is that time when it is necessary to show special care. Can take care o a body of the person, o its mentality and o to soul.
Is 3 types of holidays:
1) killing;
2) revitalizing;
3) ennobling.
KILLING: it is based on the use of dirty food and the stupefying substances. On - to the fact is the holiday co a meeting of new diseases and problems. It is more similar to a funeral of own body.
REVITALIZING: the holiday is based on the principle of improvement of the relations with other live beings. All world is perceived as 1 big family. And the person wishes all happiness and prosperity. T. e. there is an exchange of good relationship. Actually is a day of charity, all give each other gifts that raises a stock of piety of the person. A cures piety of many diseases and corrects from many problems. Let`s take, to an example, New year. Ded Moroz is a representative of the senior generation. And in his person the gratitude to all elderly generation which cared o the children and grandsons was expressed, thus executing their desires. Was considered that if the family fed seniors this day - year will be fruitful.
Earlier, in general, this day held doors opened - that any could come and eat. Now doors only open for Ded Moroz and feeding, pour vodka.
ENNOBLING: the holiday is spent in connection with activity of the special personality what - that the Saint person or what - that other spiritually significant event. Such holiday influences a body, mind and soul of the person.
What else our actions raise a piety stock?
1) help to persons in need;
2) honoring of seniors;
3) charity;
4) reception of guests;
5) cleanliness;
6) observance of holidays;
7) care of o of domestic animals;
8) execution of vows;
9) morality;
10) work on light of posterity.
Such pious activity allows to reach happiness in life. What and to you we wish!