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How it was? Three salads - three sources and three components of the Soviet feast. Part 1

Household and eating habits - probably, the most conservative piece, and here it is not necessary to re-educate someone not only, but also it is just impossible. If, of course, habit not harmful. But we in this work argue on favourite salatika, and they definitely not harmful - an organism - that knows!

There is a version (Anna Kushkova, “A zenith and a decline of Russian salad salad) that preferences in a question of festive salad are somehow connected with class division of society. It would be interesting to esteem as this effect in other countries is shown, but it is considered that in the countries of the former USSR they are as follows: vinaigrette - for workers and peasants, Russian salad - for employees, crab salad - for the intellectuals.

Vinaigrette - of course, a dish national. Beet, onions, cucumbers, a kartoshechka and a morkovochka - all the, not bought. And even if bought - that inexpensive. And main - primordial, poskonny, homespun and homespun, not import. Even tomatoes, and those did not find the road to this truly patriotic red salad. And satiety to vinaigrette requires a seledochka. Well, and to the fact that have a snack on a seledochka vinaigrette too superfluous will not be. Even in the Soviet eateries gave a piece of herring to vinaigrette. (With bones, of course, - who to you will clean it?! Tell thank you that guts took out!)

It should be noted that vinaigrette is one of very few dishes which were difficult to be spoiled even in the Soviet dining room, and as a result of it there it was even possible to eat.

Vinaigrette has, of course, nuances - whether to put beet boiled or marinated whether to put a pickle or sauerkraut, or both together, but all this generally changes it is working a little - country essence. The main thing that it always festively - bright, inexpensive, but nourishing, prepares easily and combined practically with anything.

And here Russian salad... Russian salad - and some name... average to a sort. Not our word, not primordial - pyureey, soteeee, glyasseeee, olivyeey... fondyuyuy, barbekyuyuyuy.... See! Generally, bourgeois. And structure such, city. Though the kartoshechka and a morkovochka are present too, but the main thing - that at Russian salad what? Sausage - a city entertainment in our corner of the world, tinned peas - too a thing purchased, and mayonnaise - that at all a capital feature.

Mayonnaise was not lucky at all - at first it was terrible deficiency, and that it can be made, in the USSR for some reason nobody knew (possibly, it and was that secret which the Bad boy tried to find out at Malchish Kibalchish, but the organism did not find out and poisoned with jam and cookies).

Then when mayonnaise stopped being deficiency, suddenly it turned out that mayonnaise is (and.) terrible food poison of very slowed down action, and (.) in general some petty-bourgeois platitude. There is even a culinary community special: lovely good people, big authorities on the correct cooking, search on all RuNet for recipes with mayonnaise and drag them in community with shout: “People, laugh, he (she) puts in IT mayonnaise! Tally-ho!“ - and the rack of kind culinary specialists with a loud laughter starts virtually spitting, shaming and dishonoring. So it still it is necessary to have courage - to lay out the recipe something with mayonnaise.

Peas were deficiency also if it was possible to get “in the order“ a jar - another - they were jealously stored “by a holiday“...

Probably, the people who grew up any more not at Bolsheviks should explain that it “the grocery order“. It is “ration“. You do not know the word a ration - look in the dictionary and consider that this concept was then a life basis even out of places of special contents.

And so, sometimes in office where you worked (scientific research institute, CB or still with some VTs), companions from trade-union committee or local committee (I will not explain here what is local committee and trade-union committee, just imagine team of steam skating rinks which drives herd of horses in a heap) called and declared: you were made happy, the administration cares, the trade-union committee works - there is “order“! It is a ration. In the soldering - the order a couple of the necessary, and even scarce goods (peas, mayonnaise, condensed milk if carries, and sausage) and a couple of unnecessary things (pearl barley, a sprat in a tomato, sea cabbage etc.) - generally, what forced show-windows of the Soviet shops.

It was the separate riddle - why in the Soviet shops projected huge show-windows if in them all the same there were always identical pyramids of a sprat in a tomato or the same shinelny cloth which burned out from the sun hung. But we will be engaged in it another time.

Now we are interested specifically mayonnaise and peas, and here they - that sometimes were in orders. Of course, it was necessary to take both a hated sprat, and unnecessary grain, but - mayonnaise! But peas! It was sacred. And they were hidden and stored by a holiday. Because what holiday without Russian salad? And what Russian salad without peas and mayonnaise! However, condensed milk was hidden too because by a holiday it was still possible to organize a cake from the wafers smeared with boiled condensed milk.

As for a meat component, the practical Soviet hostess such rarity and value as meat, tried not to spend for Russian salad, and put sausage, inedible just like that there. Now it already depends only on tastes: who loves meat - puts meat, and it is pleasant to whom with sausage - to that sausage. However, rumors from different dense places reach that somewhere and now do inedible sausage of paper and soy, but it does not concern my residence yet, our sausage can be eaten very much even that my cats not subject to political reasons confirm - burst be healthy as the count when wrote “War and peace“.

Russian salad of variations and versions had (and is) an improbable quantity, here and in “Office romance“ the ninny Olya in terrible rosettes peeps something about a grated apple, but we will not stop here on recipes - we are interested in class essence now, but not subtleties of preparation.

The main thing that mayonnaise and peas are present at all recipes as the defining component. Without peas it is already simple “meat salad“, without mayonnaise - at all do not understand that.

And occurred in a canonical form of Russian salad on all holidays of the Soviet city dweller - both public, and personal. And now generally is present though now everyone can make it to himself and just like that, on weekday.

The termination follows.