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With whom, when and how to us to have breakfast?

surely begin Good day with a good breakfast. Whatever one may do, and we are what we eat. Therefore in order that day really was successful, we felt vigorous, healthy, full of strength, with good mood and a smile, it is necessary to begin day with the correct breakfast. And here what has to be the correct breakfast - will try to find out.

All of us are divided into two categories: those who have breakfast in the mornings, and those who ignore this meal at the beginning of day. And so, it is a high time for those people who belong to the second category “not having breakfast“ to clang all bells. Scientists by long researches managed to prove that those who ignore a breakfast are more subject to all stresses, to depressions, diseases is warm - vascular system and to immunity easing. Who could think, we write off bad mood for a seasonal depression, and ourselves are fault to all - we have already a month not breakfast as it is necessary.

Besides, those who avoid breakfasts, motivating it with what the number of meals want to grow thin and lower, deceive themselves. When you since morning have not breakfast, be sure, during the lunchtime you will eat, at least, twice more, than usually at dinner. An organism you will not deceive. And stomach too.

The best time for a breakfast - half an hour later from the awakening moment. Not earlier. Because internals need to wake up and be adjusted for new day. Morning can be begun with a glass of warm water, to add either juice of a lemon, or a honey spoon to it, at will. But it should not replace a full-fledged breakfast. Later to have breakfast not absolutely well because the organism woke up, all systems were started and work went to minus as the power breakfast on the horizon still is not observed. Even if you with a breakfast tightened a little, do not ignore this meal at all. You remember stresses and it is warm - vascular diseases.

What it is better to eat for breakfast? And this already depends on in what you plan to be engaged today.

It is better for that who should spend day in intellectual blockade and battles at office table and in front of monitors of computers to begin the day with yogurts, boiled eggs, cottage cheese, flakes with milk or exotic fruit salad. Will not prevent to add a little honey to the morning diet or chocolate is in order that the brain received a necessary portion of glucose both quickly and well thought.

It is better for that to whom physically active day, a big distance in kilometers and physical activities is necessary to have breakfast more seriously. Nourishing heat sandwiches, vegetable salad, milk porridges, eggs dishes - fried eggs or omelets.

And here for school students, students it is better to eat for breakfast the flakes with nuts and dried fruits which are filled in with milk, pancakes, tvorozhnik, fritters, cottage cheese with a smetanka.

And here with what to wash down a breakfast? Good question. Many of us prefer to drink coffee or strong black or green tea since morning. Excellent decision. However let coffee will be better natural and scalded, but not soluble. Not superfluous will be to add to it a little milk to smooth acute angles from the fact that caffeine promotes washing away of calcium from our organism. And it, in turn, leads to a number of various diseases. It is also possible to add to teas a little milk, and to replace sugar with a honey spoon.

If you find forces since morning to cook cocoa on milk, then the good mood for the whole day is simply guaranteed to you. And all thanks to the fact that cocoa intensifies development of an endofrin known as “happiness hormone“. After a cup of cocoa it is not necessary to long. Well, and if to wash down a breakfast with juice, then it is better freshly squeezed, without dyes and preservatives. Classical orange juice should be used with care in the mornings that who has diabetes, gastritis and it is inclined to obesity.

And here the list of those products with which it is better not to begin the day. Sausage - in it is not present anything useful, and the feeling of satiety will pass soon. Fat, fried toasts - heavy morning loading for a stomach, replace them better with toasts. Cakes and cakes - the blow below the belt, gastritis and pancreatitis with such breakfasts within a month is provided to you. Instant products, semi-finished products - they contain useful components and substances very little, and here blow in a stomach, a pancreas they will put notable.

Separate conversation on morning coffee with a cigarette. Classical breakfast of heroes of movies. Perhaps from outside it looks and is courageous, and it is beautiful, but here in real life such “breakfast“ reduces life expectancy.

And a delicacy and usefulness of a breakfast its morning atmosphere will add. You should not begin the day with viewing of the TV or reading morning the press. It is better to spend minutes of a breakfast at one table with the family, giving each other positive minutes of communication. Add to it beautiful ware - and the ideal breakfast guarantees to you excellent day.