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Stone - a mascot: how with it to make friends?

It is no secret that stones as natural, and in jewelry are capable to influence the person the energy. Long since attribute them the curing, magic and other surprising properties. Most often at the choice of ornament or a mascot of people is guided only by visual feelings. However it is considered that the same stone can bring someone good luck, and to someone to do much harm.

Those which are presented with love are considered as the happiest stones or are descended. Stolen stones are very dangerous and bring big misfortunes. The stone without frame is capable to influence the person as much as possible. The frame should be selected such that allowed a stone to contact to a body. Fine option - the stones in the form of beads strung on the thread which is simply tied on a small knot (without metal fastener). A beads has bigger force, than bracelets and earrings.

If a beads tore or lost, you should not worry strongly - stones need to be “released“ without regret. Perhaps, they thus warded off some disaster or an illness. To restore the torn beads or not - to solve them to the owner, and he has to be guided only by own feelings. But before collecting and connecting a beads anew, it is worth clearing stones of negative energy.

If the stone changed a shade or burst, it is necessary to pay attention to health, the general state and surrounding people. For example, weather and mood of the owner can influence change of color of aquamarine. Turquoise darkens if the person who carries it had problems with health. But turquoise can change color (to grow old) at different stages of life. Green turquoise is considered “impractical“ and completely deprived of all the properties. Some stones change color, being exposed to external influences. So dark amethyst turns pale, long being under sun beams.

Stones which were not tinted are considered as the strongest and did not become colourless. Intervention in initial structure weakens them. In a stone the main thing - its purity and integrity therefore it is better to refuse the burst and darkened stones.

If the stone is processed manually, it some time is a data carrier about the person who gave it the form. Before that how to put on ornament for the first time, his power engineering specialist needs to clear . Useful will be to ship it in holy water or to place in salt, and then to put under direct sunshine and to establish with it relation - to take ornament in palms, to stroke, address it with kind thoughts. It is possible to take a product or a stone near the burning candle (at safe distance). Thoughts at the same time have to be pure and positive.

Procedure of cleaning should be repeated from time to time. It is possible to subject periodically stones to influence of direct sunshine or to completely immerse them in sea salt for the night, and then to wash out in flowing holy or spring water. The used salt needs to be thrown out. After cleaning the stone or ornament should be taken in hands again, coming with it into contact. It is worth asking tenderly it about the help and protection.

Stones should not be carried constantly - rest is necessary for them to save up energy. Moreover, the organism of the owner can get used to a stone, and then the positive effect will weaken. So the person and a stone should have a rest periodically from each other.