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What is experimental dance? You are eager to tell

to the world about yourself, about the feelings and emotions... But traitors - words everything somehow do not develop in logical chains of offers? Try to declare in body language, give by dance all difficult scale of feelings.

It seems that on a scene there is something mad... One, it seems, dances, another stiffened in an unnatural pose, and the third in general scratches and grimaces. Poses and roles change. It is similar to madness. But there pass the couple of minutes and elements of this “vinaigrette“ of movements and bodies begin something to remind you, you see the visual embodiment of familiar feelings. Surprise. Delight. You understand that it is more interesting and deeper, than beautifully constructed performances to which all of us so got used. In it there are an idea and live feeling.

Mixture of dancing sheaves from the jazz and the ballet, gymnastic exercises, household and even several unnatural gestures. In experimental dance there are no rules, it is created by heart. The movements are selected not on similarity and harmony, and proceeding from those personal feelings which are given rise by music. Here even the most insignificant stir matters, and only that movement which was not experienced and lived on a scene is bad.

Quite big variety of the phenomena falls under concept of experimental dance. It quite often generates misunderstanding from the audience, coming to performances, they have certain expectations which concerning the estimated dancing direction too often risk to be unjustified. Critics go on about “poor choreography“, call experimental dance “self-justification“. Defenders of improvisation speak about purity and beauty, about harmony between dance and the performer.

In experimental dance the special part is assigned to music: it - not just a background, it sets the movements. At the same time the range of possible options of music is very wide. It can be as mixture of the jazz, a house and the ballet, and Tantric music and noise of a rain. The main thing - that music really was pleasant to the dancer that he could live it at every moment of the introduction. Among the people who are carried away by this direction there is even such concept as “to enter music“.

From fortieth years of the 20th century free dance began to be considered by psychologists as the tool for work with clients. It gave the chance to learn about the person that that would never decide to tell about himself. It was noticed that, besides “izoblichatelny“ ability, experimental dance possesses also salutary properties. The people who are regularly practising in this unusual art noted, what they became quieter and surer, got rid of many complexes.

The interesting example of self-improvement through dance can be met in the book “Witch with Portobello“ of the famous writer Paulo Coelho. To the main character of this work to Athena dance helps to get a different view on the world, the chain of favorable changes in her life begins with dance.

Let the movement will be your word!