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And what at us for lunch?

Disputes around harm or advantage of first courses do not stop. Supporters of first courses in the form of various soups, Russian cabbage soup, borsches, broths prove the case, referring to the facts. Opponents of first courses also find the arguments to prove the position. We with you will try to consider impartially what it is more in soups and borsches - advantage or harm for our organism?
Specialists in food and nutritionists unanimously, with confidence declare that people who daily for lunch use various first courses - soups, Russian cabbage soup, borsches, broths, suffer from problems with excess weight and obesity less often. Besides that who decided to lose the weight by means of various diets, not to do for lunch without first courses. Not superfluous will and remember that soups very quickly create feeling of satiety at their use for lunch. Also thanks to regular reception of first courses and their inclusion in a daily food allowance, the overall picture of caloric content of food does not increase. And here the feeling of a saturation at the use of soups can be regulated. Therefore, without soup plateau in the diet, it is difficult to present any active attempts to grow thin or keep the weight on necessary, a pleasant mark of scales. Even if you are also not in process of a strict diet and fight against excess weight, fasting days for our organism with a soup plateau (however this soup should not be on meat broth, and should not contain too much fat) will not prevent at all.
not to do also without dietary soups the people having stomach diseases, various gastritises and ulcers. For such patients of a gastroyentorologiya soup - not a dish in a diet at will, and need of maintenance of a healthy state.
However, besides positive sides from the use in food of soups and first courses, is also certain moments on which it is necessary and to turn attention. Soups can sometimes be not really useful, and even to do harm to our health.
Soups, Russian cabbage soup, borsches, as a rule, look a liquid or semi-fluid consistence. Liquid of soups during our lunch dilutes gastric juice which is produced by a stomach at hit of food in it. The diluted gastric juice complicates and worsens processes of digestion in our organism.
Also, preparation of first courses implies thermal treatment of the making ingredients, and during thermal treatment the quantity useful and nutrients in vegetables is reduced. By specialists in food and nutritionists it is proved that already at a temperature of 57 degrees any vitamins and biologically active agents in vegetables it is already possible and not to remember. Of course, the alternative to usual soups can be made in this case, though it is not a lot of, but first courses of cold type and not demanding cookings of all the ingredients. To take at least, for example, traditional Russian okroshka. In summertime it will be able to make worthy alternative to hot borsches and broths. Fresh vegetables, greens, boiled eggs, potatoes, sausage or meat, all this to fill with kefir or kvass. In hot summer day the plateau with cool and useful okroshka, not only will cool, but also will satisfy hunger and to fill up our organism with a reserve of vitamins. However, at preparation to okroshka, everything will be better - to fill it with kefir as filling with kvass - a natural product of active barmy fermentation, can lead an abdominal distension to unpleasant feelings, discomfort and an aggravation zheludochno - intestinal diseases.
As for warm chicken or meat broths, they, getting into our stomach, are very quickly soaked up by intestines, and our liver just does not manage to process and filter all meat or chicken broth extracts. Extracts pass the liver filter, and undergo a metamorphosis in not split poisons. And it is already direct threat for many internals and an organism in general. And obvious harm from the use of such bulyonchik. Also, when we cook meat or chicken broth, from meat pass into broth various not absolutely useful chemicals - creatine and creatinine. And if to consider that modern meat and hens very often “fertilize“ the various antibiotics and chemical preparations accelerating growth, then in our pan not usual broth, but a chemical poison will cook. Therefore to reduce harm of such meat or chicken broth not superfluous the first bouillon liquid will merge, and to cook soup already on the second broth. Or to add pieces of the boiled meat to already ready soup. These simple and simple actions potential harm of broth considerably decreases.
Can love soups, and it is possible them and not to love. But from correctly made, tasty soup of advantage for our organism much more, than harm from it.