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Why chocolate is better than shoes, and the book it is better than some chocolate?

C it happened by you? You woke up in the morning. Behind a window it is gray and is gloomy. The alarm clock pi - peeps on brains. You on it knock, trying to find nine more minutes for a dream. Then nine more. Then you overslept. You jump from a bed and do not know what to grab that all to be in time.

Eventually you jump out from the house without make-up, without breakfast and absolutely without mood. On the road you still manage to quarrel with own child and to declare yourself old, sick, to nobody the necessary wreck and to send all to hell. In an electric train you should stand all road. Having come to office you find out that: a) the printer broke; b) you broke a nail on a forefinger; c) today in cafe other guy works absolutely, and his coffee cannot simply be drunk (unnecessary to cross out).

Enough? I think, for one day - quite. So, if such or similar happened to you how to fight against it? Well of course, one of the most acceptable ways for us, for women moreover and working in the business center of the city - shopping. Yes, but also here everything can turn out is very deplorable and to spoil already any mood even more. But nevertheless the lunch is put and this hour should be spent somewhere. And himself, darling, it is necessary to indulge by all means. Otherwise day will come to nothing finally. And you will bring all this negative home. And it is fraught... Well, it another story altogether.

And here, it is noisy having sighed, you take the bag, unmute on mobile and leave in gray light of unsuccessful day. And - a surprise - the surprise, in one shop pleases nothing you. Color not that, a style terrible, your size is absent. You not a so walking hanger. And so from shop to shop. The mood becomes from bad absolutely bad. You damn already both all these shops, and all light industry of your separately taken country and, of course, China.

What here to do? How that? To go to shoe shop! Unlike a figure, the size and a shape of your leg changes not so often and not so cardinally. You always know the footwear size, even without becoming on scales. You are ready to spend big money. If only pair of good shoes corrected to you mood!

Your favourite shop of the Italian footwear. It never brought you earlier. From here you always left with a big package and a smile upon the face. But this day and here miss. Not those models. Your usual size presses intolerably. The size more just falls from a leg. Heels seem nepokorimy. Flats are too narrow. Everything that is suitable you - soft slippers for old age.

Here all brakes refuse. Steam brings down from ears. And teeth are clenched so that the bulldog has nothing to do. And where you now? And anywhere. If only from here. Away! Away from favourite shop. And here miss. And here treachery.

And where you are conducted by this your hopelessness and full disappointment? Where still? In cafe, of course! There, where smells good coffee delicious, and show-windows burst under the weight of various confectionery delicacies with unimaginable number of calories in everyone. And to spit! All the same any dress, any top, in any case, any shoes did not get. So, there is nothing to lose. Only bad mood. It is necessary to drown it in a big cup of good coffee and to jam gentle, thawing directly on lips, it is soft - the viscous, slightly exciting piece of cake. And all here.

Here it, cafe. Here it, free little table. Here and waiter. And here again... He does not know that in the menu. He did not even reflect what today namolol of coffee or what cake very best. Idiot. And you only wanted to come, to sit down, to relax and... that you though slightly - were slightly indulged. And not wild behavior it at all. It simply its work. All right, bear. What to burn here. Brought. Put. Coffee smells of sour. Cake is similar to your neighbor after New year next morning. The mood is lower than a floor again. Did not begin to drink. Is - only pokovyryal.

Yes, what is it? Well, and where to you, poor, now? The lunch did not end yet. One road - in book (it at me such exit). Well, not behind knowledge. Though... It is necessary to study always. But in such day - not behind knowledge, or not behind them in the academic sense, and behind mood, and even behind support.

Yes, yes, quite so. In the big, good house of books there will always be a book or the magazine in the right frame of mind. From the novel about even more unfortunate heroine (Anna Boleyn, for example, she was beheaded in general; at first the crown it was put on, then chopped off) to some vital applied psychology. Or, for absolutely angered and eager actions, the collection of plots and fortune-telling.

Go. Dare. Look for. Books - not belongings, will not be small! Books - again - not shoes and besides, will not be small. Books - and not chocolate cake or carelessly made coffee, their essence does not depend on quality of paper or cover. But if here “not there“, look for other exits and offer the same girlfriends on “gray day“.