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The comic book of “Torahs“ or How loss of the working tool harms image?

the Marvel Company, as we know, think of screen versions of the comics very much and seeks to penetrate into process at all stages of film production. Beginning from a casting of actors and finishing with localization and selection of voices for dubbing-in in certain, especially perspective territories.

It also is clear, paper books with pictures are interesting only to geeks and collectors, and cinema - the property of the general public capable to cast in granite or to jostle the literary original under a plinth. In the latter case perhaps noxious influence on all subsequent screen versions that as you understand, it is extremely undesirable. Here also guys from Marvel try.

Sometimes these efforts take really perverted form. There are a lot of examples. Over the last 10 years Hulk exchanged in the person already three times (Eric of Bang in 2003, Edward Norton in 2008 and Mark Ruffalo in 2012). Incredibly successful franchize “Spiderman“ removed under the sensitive guide of Sam Ramey, unexpectedly - unexpectedly received in 2012 - m restart with a new cast and the director. Also as well as “The fantastic four“. We remember and that in second “Iron Man“ the role of the friend Tony Starck, the colonel Roudi, suddenly departed to Don Cheadle whereas the Marvel studio threw out Terrence Howard playing this character in the original.

“Torah“ similar entertainments did not avoid shooting too. Let`s begin with the fact that producers invited Kenneth Brenna to the director`s post. The Englishman famous for the addiction to Shakespearean tragedies is represented in this case the beautiful, fluffy kitten who is not accustomed to a tray. Indeed, Brenna wrote all the film career by cash desk. Its only quasiblockbuster “Frankenstein“ of 1993 with De Niro`s participation turned out a complete fiasco in hire. Perhaps contrasts are also attracted, but to risk 150 million budget “Torah“ for the sake of desire to work with the inexperienced British in questions of blockbusters? No wonder what to the project was signed subsequently Joss Whedon who was responsible for communication of the movie with recently released sequel “Avengers“.

Actually as background to “Avengers“ the comic book of “Torahs“ also intended from the very beginning, therefore we will address a plot.

… The inhabitant of heaven Odin, the governor ultraboundary Asgard, has two sons: blond and quick-tempered Torahs and artful meek creature Loki. While boys grew, Odin in paints shared with them details of the campaign on lands of Yotunkheym where their gray-haired father personally forced to the knees race of ice titans - kamnelyub and stole their sacral blue light in a box. Guys grew up, but the dream to repeat military progress of the father at them is put in blood and with increase in number of muscle bulk only got stronger in consciousness.

Having in personal possession the hammer - a boomerang Myyollnir, Torahs with amicable team of associates, goes on hop - stop to Yotunkheym. Careful Loki informs the father meanwhile that supposedly his offspring valiant and gadgets divine disposes of force not on purpose. Daddy serchat, is reconciled with stone enemies, and gone too far the Torah calls bad words and banishes to Earth to think again.

Deprived of the mythical force and a hammer, offended and offended in the best feelings of Torahs faces simple people of Earth in the person of professor Selviga and his young colleagues Jane and Darci. Having come on a silver platter to the desert of the state New - Meksiko, god - the Thunderer turned into the ordinary muscleman with the Hollywood smile, but good manners. And until Torahs is violently eager to return the lost power, his summary brother Loki will carry out own plan of taking of Asgard and long-awaited revenge to the father, brother, enemies of the fatherland and we Will tell

to all who will come to hand … at once that claims about discrepancy of the movie of the Scandinavian mythology are not accepted. As the primary source of a tape serves the comic book 60 - x years, but not belief of bearded Vikings. For this reason the red-haired mischievous person Loki turned into the dark pushful person with skills of creation of holograms and managements of the mechanized equipment. And it is yet not the most dreadful option, considering that for a role of the villain were tried Jim Carrey (the aging tamer of penguins, it is interesting) and Josh Hartnett (what horror).

The list of applicants for a role the Torah was even more amusing. God was merciful to see us in this image of Channinga Tatum, however adequately Alexander Skarsgard (“Straw dogs“) quite could play the Scandinavian superman. It is rumored that to Myyollnir Brad Pitt, Matt Damon also pulled hands and (cannot be!) Leonardo DiCaprio. The last looks like a baize more, but ways of gods of Vikings are inscrutable. Australian Chris Hemsworth was not the first in a rating, just to it brought to contact Joss Whedon on the tape “Hut in the Wood“ and the type was suitable. Brawny, blonde, elegantly unshaven Hemsworth almost ideally would fit into a close formation of superheroes of Marvel if all road it is not shown as the idiot in the presence of Natali Portman. This nuance spoils general impression from the Thunderer.

As for minor characters, they are minor literally. Respectable sir Anthony Hopkins as the strict, but fair tsar Asgard overslept a good few of the movie the well-known “Odin`s dream“. His wife (Renee Rousseau) represents “a Slavic case“ which all want to get, but plainly nobody saw. The four of assistants the Torah also looks palely and casts thoughts of gun meat. These four (the glutton, the Japanese, the intellectual and the maid) bring vanity in a shot, and Ray Stephenson, he is Porthos from recent “Musketeers“, at all mows under Depardieu from the French film series about Asteriks and Obeliks. Nevertheless creators of the movie still though somehow respect inhabitants of heaven. And here people of Earth were not lucky.

The Marvel studio was faced by a complex challenge. The matter is that action of the majority of the previous screen versions happens on our planet. The spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk and the Captain America is, first of all, people, and then supermen with superhuman abilities. In a case with Tor it was necessary to draw in detail the ultraboundary worlds that not only increased costs of computer special effects, but also strongly lowered chances to be noticed those who remained on the mother to Earth.

The tape as though forks on two episodes, incomparable on quality. The first results in Asgard where gold chambers of Odin compete on furniture to the best houses of the Gipsy barons, and the second ailingly becomes dusty in the desert of the state New - Meksiko. There, in heaven, life and emotions, and here rage, below, the small fry fusses, looks for something and studies, but, sooner or later, becomes pawns in dismantling of gods. All reference in Shushenskoye for the Torah is constructed by the principle “came - saw - won“. We did not manage to begin to worry about its affair with associate professor Portman as in air fragments of the iron golem flew, and god zasobirat a swag home.

Everything is learned in comparison. Considering that comics recently the frequent guest on a screen to compare is with what. And, alas, not in advantage “Torah“. To Kenneth Brenna`s tape obviously does not get scale and psychologism of “Spiderman“ Sam Ramey (by the way, Ramey was one of the first who was going to picturize the comic book about the Torah - still at the beginning of 90 - x). As well as charm, charm and charisma of “Iron Man“.

It turns out that can compete on equal terms “Torahs“ only to the unsuccessful embodiment of “The fantastic four“, and also to the neighbor by a year of release, “The first avenger“. Or, as Roger Ebert from Chicago Sun Times, against Batman was neatly expressed, the Superman and Tony Starck the Scandinavian muscleman with the hammer looks miserable. Let`s hope that in “Avengers“ this error will be corrected.