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Why modern children can study, but do not want?

Strangely enough it will sound, but modern children often do not want to study for very simple reason: they do not know at all what it is necessary for. Our children not such what were us. It is banal truth, but in life it is often forgotten. The child does not understand when speak to him: “You have to study because it is your duty, same as a duty of adults - to work.

For modern children the announcement that they have to study - an empty phrase. They, owing to small age, in the majority, are not really capable to predictive thinking. To think today of what will be with them in 10 years - back-breaking toil for their reason. Neither children, nor even teenagers are capable nor to place priorities one after another for the lack of even corresponding internal hierarchy of values, nor in the future to glance because this future in their head - still the real ghost. Respectively, to teenagers not to estimate risk, consequences of bad study - not to present, everything somehow blurs and grows dim.

Unfortunately, adults often make the same mistake - it seems to them that children of adults will obey only because they tell the correct things. And whether children perceive them as authoritative people - this question adults for some reason are not set. But saying of the correct things - the insufficient basis to be heard. What to do? The only exit - at each opportunity to show to children that knowledge, education does human life more interesting. It is necessary to explain on examples available to the child.

Now many dream of business, vaguely representing what is it. Manage to prove that business: 1) knowledge of the code of laws, economy, the elementary theory of accounting, that is without good knowledge of mathematics, bases of the right not to manage. 2) correct understanding of a situation and acts of people. The wide experience of communication with absolutely different people, not only at school, but also in various circles, open classrooms, sports schools, houses of children`s creativity, schools of arts is for this purpose necessary. It is good feel other person only very sensitive people can. And emotionality can be developed, practising music, painting, acting skills. 3) management for the benefit of business and big freight of responsibility for the people subordinated to you. For this purpose it is necessary to study the exact sciences and psychology.

Without all these skills it will be very difficult to organize own business. Therefore parents even more often began to train children in the centers of early development of children, at schools of arts on musical, theatrical, art offices, on computer courses, classes in English

spare no expense on tutors on pleasant or on the contrary in the lagging behind objects, facilitating study and interesting the child in the pleasant prospect. With it parents as can, are helped by additional education teachers, offering different types of work for a bigger disclosure of abilities of children. How well there took place process of interest and versatile development of the child - there comes the teenage age! Interest not only in study, but to everything, and to life in general is lost.

Quite often to be heard complaints of parents:

“Wants to do nothing, is interested in nothing serious!“ Why does that happen?

Modern teenagers very much early begin to be set by meaning of life, habitually asking this question to parents: “How at you with meaning of life, mother and the father for what you live on light?“, what parents, as a rule, answer: “We live that to grow up you, to give good education, think easily it now?“

the Teenager is discouraged! It turns out that till a marriage one meaning of life - to have a good time, so far young before making a family. And that we want after that! It is necessary only to ask for the help psychologists, but if parents can feel this moment in time and send the teenager to the necessary course, youth - the most romantic period in life! Fine illusions are not alien also to modern generation, the main thing to prompt to the teenager in time the SLOGAN with which it is necessary to follow on life.

Within 20 years in our country the acute shortage of slogans with spiritual subject is observed. In the nineties last century slogan: “Money makes the mare go!“ it was picked vigorously up by broad masses clever and (not really) the population of the country, but it turned out not at all. At the beginning of the 21st century the slogan appeared: “Russia for Russians“. Teenagers rallied in youth associations of “The Russian patriots“ which though aim, apparently, clear slogans, all actively play sports, are able to submit to leaders - all - equally seem dangerously similar to packs.

In the second decade of 21 centuries with the advent of informal associations of “Gotha“ and “Emo“ - the slogan appeared: “Is not present in positive life!“ Therefore one of tasks of adults - to show to the teenager a variety of world around, and if it is not made, then sector of a circle from which the child should choose subsequently will be very narrow.

Because modern teenagers are often pragmatic and argue sometimes where is more practical, than their parents. For example: there is an opinion that if parents have no money for prestigious institute, then, to get some education in general and it is not necessary. Here also the contradiction characterizing the identity of the modern teenager is shown.

On the one hand - practicalness, and with another - youthful need for romanticism. Things are incompatible, and often practicalness wins, crossing out all the rest though the soul asks something else. Therefore centuries, outlook of the person, ideals, a standard of living and thinking, but human feelings are replaced, and to a vma to a sta with they are psychological problems there are the same.

And still parents are able to find “golden mean“ in the doubting soul of the child and to be those people of whom teenagers would like to follow an example.