Rus Articles Journal


Morning May, gentle, full gold heat of the cozy sun.
Put a teapot, purred something, washing when remembered about tooth, about tomorrow`s visit to the stomatologist
Became gloomy, and language slipped to the zazubristy gorge, however, instead of it, softly and thickly, slipped on roundish, strong tooth. What for nonsense? - it was thought. - Maybe was mistaken? But is not present, it is impossible - language always knows failures, defects, inaccuracies of a tooth relief - and and - where yesterday the unpleasant, reminding a wound flourish gaped, nowadays there was tooth.
Called the stomatologist - after a breakfast, of course, which absorbed, blinking from pleasure - cancelled visit.
On a question of the reasons, answered - will not believe.
- And still? - the stomatologist insisted (the friend in combination). He told
- cannot be, - the tube exhaled.
- Said will not believe!
Long persuaded to glance nevertheless, and here sits in a chair, with a razzyavlenny mouth, without expecting something bad or terrible. The whirlpool of light splashes in eyes.
Puzzled low of the friend, idly - unnecessary probes
- N - yes not vidano
Went down the street singing.
pulled out unexpected phone call from house &ndash in the Evening; tasty, as jam - loneliness: one very known - not that absolutely yellow, but yellowish - the newspaper wanted to interview it.
Spoke with the correspondent two hours, gave photos.
I - began to whirl.
From a teleimage came, with radio; interview, vanity - joyful, in spangles - and money began to flow, posochitsya, and not luck is forgotten
Here misters from influential party - three greyish, imperious political players whose smiles are as professional as they are empty - accept it at magnificent office. Oak panels are covered with a pleasant carving, and skin of chairs is cool and beautiful.
- you are necessary to us. - The first.
- Are necessary. - The second.
- you a phenomenon. - The third.
- you will become the face of party. - The first.
- our ideas they sounded by you will make grandiose success. And then - vulgar search by fingers unless was not followed by rustling of notes. here he acts as
I from a tribune. Speaks hotly, twisting masterly verbal turns, gesticulates pertinently, gradually admiring itself.
of Tychut fingers - Glya, glya, is at what tooth itself grew. It is necessary! And what? Truly, the correct party if it with them
to live In a penthouse comfortably.
Let blows August as grief, let you made nothing sense in life, and it is cozy, good, and here only language really? Is that so! - sharply falls in a black failure where it is so lovely, firmly there was a tooth which pulled out it from obscurity.
I what - again to call the stomatologist - the friend?

In the Park PARK
it is green and kudlat; the red poodle cheerfully rushes behind a red ball, children laugh... It conducts the son - with wide and some shapeless, reminding slack-baked dough person.
It is Down.
Rustling with a piece of paper, gives it lollipop.
of the Voice around - voices normal, discussing the affairs; many couples walk - summer: the park is green and kudlat. Attractions rustle.
It conducts the son through life, zastyv in a constant phase of the grief which is slightly decreasing from a habit; conducts because so it is necessary; long ago without asking for what, to everything ready, not old, gray-haired, with the sharp wrinkles which are cut through by knives of days.

was Transferred by a flower - slowly moved with it along a corridor of native establishment - the pot was thick, inconvenient, and large leaves of a flower touched hands, and suddenly - rose, submitting to an unexpected rush, and started singing - clearly, highly, purely. Its voice shone, people are familiar, boring people - looked out of different doors, swung the heads - Yes you have a talent! And we also did not guess. - Having left the offices, scurried about around it, clapped, the flower was withdrawn from hands.
It shone as it is sounding marvelously - voice.
of the House began to sing with a threshold - and the hlopotushka the wife was struck: Yet really! Now you will become famous! With such voice it is impossible to vegetate! - it waved hands and her eyes with affection watered. - You will be admitted on a scene to the best theaters of the world! - It finished one aria and started the second - already in kitchen. - We will see Paris, New - York, Milan!
Old photos - thin sepia, a priglushyonnost of last years - flashed in air; to legs flowers flew, and the cities applauded it, and this silly woman, this long ago the bothered silly woman all cracked and cracked, and he grabbed a knife and stabbed her as if getting rid of antecedents, grabbed a knife - both stabbed, and sang, sang
In a short interval, in silence rushed a telephone trill, and in a tube, bubbling and energetically playing, blossomed singing a voice of his friend - the accountant behind the back of whom on old, grown hateful, the matrimonial bed lay the same hopelessly dead wife

VORONEGO GRAYa FIBRE of the Cluster of poplar foliage is poured by juice and light in the first of May Loins of numbers alnut human destinies: just imaginations: numbers are indifferent to us. The gray river of time - gray, colors of dust - flows over us, flows through us, without noticing death and butene.
of the Street, at home, stations, churches and circuses, stadiums, bridges - city surroundings, habitual decorum of reality - how real? Hardly you will answer the Yard you behold
from a balcony, wind is not sharp - smooth, easily playing with manes of poplars.
of Primstitsya suddenly: visible there is a sheet with the picture applied on it: pull off, and the essence - not representable will be bared at all.
Subordinated to laws of the real world, plainly we do not know it given by the sum of the shadows creating fancy drawing of the fact that we consider as a reality
Beautiful young gold of poplar foliage Fibers vorony gry

Asked - what color a water-melon? And peaches? At first silently cried, answering; then there were no tears any more. The son grew blind since five years, to ten lost sight finally, and the subject world - and is simpler neighboring - hardly familiar to it, small - was lost in twilight, not representable swear, then in a potma
He was the quiet child who is not complaining, but these questions - about color, forms - in addition wounded to a shower her what was the continuous, not healing wound flickering torn edges of misunderstanding: why with her son? Why with it
Motley and strict an image looked at it from church walls, from an iconostasis wall, without giving answers; and fires of candles flared it is yellow - intolerable light