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Life - game? Gift!

... The illness exhausted from me the last forces. A presentiment of close death suddenly from where - that from the most distant depths of a brain pushed out dazzling thirst of life. There was a wish to live as getting intolerably thirsty in heat.

All my emotions disappeared, except one, flooded to the brim my consciousness, - some inhuman greedy love to all live: to each live sound, to each birdie, to everything that grows from the earth, and to Earth, to all Universe having breath.

I understood that I was mistaken in vital reference points, on some fork chose the incorrect direction and it appeared on the edge of life earlier, than left allotted to me as to the human individual years. Feeling that every moment my body can be expelled from community live, I grabbed Life and kept it in myself, clenching in a dream fists so strong that I nails cut palms. Thoughts looked for a saving elixir, the mistake made by me and who is guilty.

The dream dreamed me:

There are I one in emptiness. There is neither sky from above, nor lands below. To me years 20-25. The long white dress from vozdushno - light material closes a body. Someone (I do not see who) gives me a big vase in the form of the extended drop from unusual beauty of jewel. In a dream I understand that a stone from which it is created, really precious, and a vase very expensive. Vase of amazing deep blue color. It is easy, and it is convenient to hold it in palms. Someone speaks to me (a voice man`s):

“It is a gift. It is very expensive. More expensive does not happen. Give its once. They cannot play. It is life. What you will pour, you will drink“.

Presented me a precious Vase - life, fine, but I am empty, and freedom to fill it to the taste and to drink the.

Here answers to the immemorial Russian questions “Who Is Guilty?“ and “What to Do?“!

Life - immensely expensive gift which the person receives for nothing. One people realize that its cost is not commensurable with any money, things and the benefits. They strong hold this gift - life with both hands, covering from angry, envious, greedy and silly people, about it showing special care in days of disasters and tests. Expensive gift is entrusted to them, and they as reasonable, it is protected. Using it, get to themselves pleasure of life on the earth and understand its value in others hands.

Other people feel in themselves existence of this gift - life, but their reason comprehended one - is given by gift. And what for nothing got, it is very easy to lower without reasoning: in a pribytok or at a loss to. Often they have also no regret about the broken vase - life - not only the, but also the stranger.

Sometimes you look and you are surprised: it seems, the person will get exhausted, thinking out the nastiest ways for extermination of the most sacred and precious that has, - lives: both drinks and talks smut, and wants to bring nothing kind the life in a moneybox of Life of the general in the visible world and invisible.

And happens, it seems, such economic person: in total to the house, all to the house, and at the neighbor the last piece from a mouth will pull out. But the pribytok acquired by back-breaking toil, cunning or impudence it does not bring joy in his family: his wife is sick or loud, children are silly and capricious and angry as it is written in ancient books, not his family, but the stranger will get wealth. Why so? Because works not for life and not on love, and fattens the defect: greed, envy, nonsense... - it is a lot of them, and on one they do not live.

Love to Life - one condition which was established by Life for persons interested to get the invited guest on its wedding banquet and to share with It her pleasure - pleasure of Life, eternal and infinite. There not game - there the real life. Life calls! Let`s enter? Or we will stand on a threshold, being ashamed of the soiled dress and dusty footwear?

It is better to enter - there pleasure and the world. But the dress should be cleared. Will not let there in dirty.