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The Russian intellectuals - conscience of the nation, or something else? Whether the late founder of Leninism was right? Century 19y and earlier. Traditions of the Russian freethinking.

Freethinking are peculiar and it was always peculiar to the person. Let`s take, say, the Reformation - the beginning of this huge world historical process represented that freethinking in some trifles of religion. Well Daniel Defoe though later, but for us present - approximately at the same time - described the conflict of “ostrokonechnik“ and “tupokonechnik“.

In Russia at the time of Ivan the Terrible there was very strong “democratic opposition to autocracy“ consisting of the well-born boyars and princes who “suddenly“ lost considerable part of the rights. And the rights to print money and the rights to conduct independent policy and many other (including - the rights to be absolute mister in life and death of all people on the earth). Probably for this reason they sometimes are represented presently something like “dissidents of the Middle Ages“. If at them it turned out, that they wanted, then Russia would be broken off on a set of the pieces conflicting with each other as it happened to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. So, magnificent fertile lands and plentiful furs of the wood would become a draw. Fortunately, even after Grozny, during the Distemper, the gone too far “dissidents“ were very hard and painfully “corrected“. So Russia lost chance to become a part of speech Pospolity, and, so to speak, “to evrointegrirovatsya“.
Then called such dissidents traitors of the Russian Land. Can do it because what times were wild and severe? Subsequently times became less severe and dissidents appeared again.

In the beginning noblemen who for the sake of “common cause“(res guessed attempt of regicide and revolution in 1825 m to year dissidentstvovat generally.

Time went. Education began to get into a people at large - and there too was a recusancy which, however, still so was not called.
... I sent the peasant to the cook
He was successful. Good cook, happiness! to
But a rank had indecent addiction -
Liked to read and argue.
Ya, utomyas to threaten and tell off,
fatherlike whipped it, kanalyyu. He took
and hung - the whim found...
of Upasi the Lord, without scoffing over very long time ago the died oppressed peasant at all! But! As well as on what he could argue, having hardly learned to read?! Whether his “reasonings“ resembled performances of heroes of Shukshin?

Just like that it was boring to work with some new competent, came to mind thought of destinies of the people and meaning of life. And engineering knowledge allowed students to make bombs since the middle of the 19th century. However, we will not deceive ourselves - without puppeteers -“ thinkers“ students would begin to make nothing such explosive. New ideas of new “idealists“ were the cause of everything, the main problem was with the thinkers wishing to make happy Russia.

If “just engineers“ the most part of work were busy with creativity, either the management of works, or engineering calculations that, together with absence at them good computer facilities, forced them to strain so on “the reasoning in general“ generally was not time. Only sometimes, without bringing to a deep embarrassment. And here the arisen layer of intellectuals - writers...

And these - that writers - thinkers also burned down with a verb of serdayets of people. Generally - young and silly. To adults to zadurit the head much a drone, than to young people.

Generally to call everything in question - natural property of the person. Bede only that some, calling in question everything, begin to invent bicycles, rejecting invented and rejected by people for a long time.

Here and in 19 m a century Thinkers, Citizens, Stands and other invented known long ago. The slogan “to break everything“ was realized for the first time (if to consider an era “A.D.“) by vandals on ruins of Rome captured by them. And what? Yes, all of them tore down and, on hundreds of years the world plunged into the abyss of ignorance and troubles. But, many centuries later nevertheless Rome remained Rome, and vandals call not a certain tribe now, but the silly and rough hooligans who were in time to break a lot of things and to spoil.

Our “thinkers and stands“ considered as U-00ABeverything to destroy the 19th century by the main thing“, to clear away the place supposedly will build others, for them, for the future fools - bombers from “National Will“, or some “Black repartition“ tried.

It seems to me that muster with present r - r - revolutionaries and subversives is obviously visible. to
, How many the people in 19 m a century died in vain! How many exasperation this war organized by “Citizens and Thinkers“ caused...

And to new Thinkers everything is itching to. Though the last example of results of their activity is necessary on 90e years, quite recently.