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School days: what classes it is the most important?

Children and education. Arguing on problems of education, planning updates of educational process and the scheme of its modernization, neither officials, nor scientists, nor teachers, nor parents almost speak about children at all. Children, without reflecting, we give to the victim to education. And we assure that children - the most expensive that we have and for the sake of whom we work and are ready to give the life.

We will place priorities. Not children for education! And education for the sake of health, disclosures of talents and abilities, receiving knowledge and skills, necessary for successful life, - for happiness of our children not only in the future, but also in the present, without robbing hours of their childhood strict “has to, has to, has to“, without decolouring the world of children haste and without encumbering pleasure with the mountain unnecessary it of the data which are saved up by mankind.

The child is nine years old. He graduated from elementary school - gained knowledge, found the occupations giving it the chance to express the creative abilities, and a sport which brings it joy and health.

New three-year stage: with 4 on 6 class. We form thinking type in compliance with future requirements.

The child will grow up, and he will have same needs, as at us, adults.

Universal values . When the adult feels confident and can bring himself and people big advantage? The adult feels confident and is capable to fruitful work when feels like “the among the“ (i.e. respected) and has necessary knowledge and experience for work in which is engaged (i.e. competent). Proceeding from it, we will choose the specializations direction of the school student and ways of an assessment of his work.

The twenty first century - a century of high technologies. When the present fifth-grader begins to work at a factory, the stream of life will surely bring other realities. But the tendency to entry into everyday life of electronics and high technologies, undoubtedly, will remain. People will begin to use mathematical modeling as easily soon as they the majority use today the road navigator and the mobile phone. It is necessary to train present children for break in the field of use of artificial intelligence - this break not far off.

4-6 class - new objects, on everyone the teacher. Teachers do not check every day a notebook, and carry out examinations. (I will remind the reader: estimates, being conformed with the number of the corrections made by the teacher, the child at elementary school, put for the work to itself.) To what and how to teach children and how to estimate their knowledge in anticipation of teenage age?

A ratio of school objects and the hours used on them: 2: 1: 1 .

1. The objects giving knowledge : Russian - language a personal, foreign language - communicative, algebra, geometry, informatics, programming, physics, Fundamentals of Health and Safety. And all!

2. The objects giving the chance of creative self-expression by voice, a body, hands: to sing, draw (to model, mold, embroider etc.) to dance, grow up animals etc. An indispensable condition - teachers have to be professionals in the area or talented not indifferent self-educated persons - nuggets (it is especially necessary and their involvement in training of children in rural areas or small towns where there is not a lot of professionals of creative professions is valuable). The country lost a set of secrets of national skill because the school is torn off from real life and is more similar to an artificial incubator for children. Whether it means that it is necessary to open a door in school for everyone, parents and other relatives? No, of course not! The school is the world of children! And the entrance to this world the adult has to be only by the special invitation and for advantage of children who grow in this school and study.

3. The objects promoting strengthening of physical health : physical culture, but not as time of free “jumping on a jump rope“, and full trainings on certain sports. One physical education teacher will not be suitable for such occupations - trainers are necessary.

Where to recruit so many teachers of creativity and trainers, and where to take school so much money to pay them a salary? Teachers of creative disciplines and trainers should not be taken on a constant staff of school, and they have to be the staff of regional or even city departments of education, at school - the workers “affiliated“ for a certain period. It is not necessary to deceive children and himself, spreading profanation of training or turning training into “self-employment“.

As for the three first years of training at school the child would have to be defined by what to it it is pleasant to be engaged, in the schedule obligatory lessons the number of hours is expedient to reduce by lessons of creativity and physical culture. Now he can visit circles at its choice and sports sections at his desire and opportunities out of school. At school, of course, there have to be both sections, and circles, but interest of each child can be satisfied not necessarily in school.

Now schools not such distressed. Therefore official duties of heads of educational institutions and departments have to include coordination of work and mutual interests of pupils and sports clubs, pupils and the children`s centers. In circles and on trainings of children not relatives and not nurses, but the school tutor in the school bus have to carry. It is not necessary to carry them on all city, especially if it big - is enough in the residential district. If the child was enraptured with the acrobat who one semester led at it a physical education class, it is not obligatory to drag the child at the other end of the world on trainings on acrobatics, it is possible to find close occupation on contents - for example, sports dances or trampolining. If, of course, the trainer did not find outstanding abilities in your offspring and did not recognize future champion Olympic games.

Generally, the school has to shoulder not only training of children, but also education, and care about their health and development, well, and of course, responsibility for their present and future life. The school is revolted? I understand - additional and such responsible freight. Who will want? But it is necessary! There are no parents the house - they work, social life is so still arranged.

And now about why only the exact sciences in the school program are also not present any humanitarian subject. Because studying of the exact sciences demands a certain mentality which differs from that which is involved when studying humanitarian objects. When you solve a problem of mathematics, unless you also think, how in the course of learning of the poem? At the present younger generation such “mathematical“ type of thinking: concrete.

In this article I will not go into details on this subject, but each of us on own experience knows and will find arguments in support to my words. Someone will object me: “And suddenly the child has no mathematical abilities?“ All have abilities to mathematics! Because everyone wants to know more comfortably than precisely . The main thing, these abilities to open. To our children to live during an era of a celebration of mathematics! And our task - to prepare them for such life.

Estimates : from the five to the two put for examinations of the teacher. But the child has to have a right to write houses other examination on the same subject. It will be helped by parents, and he will receive “five“? Let. He worked.

Fundamentals of Health and Safety . Life to the child throws different situations, and he not always knows, and most often does not know at all how to behave. Came it is time to fulfill skills of behavior more actively. Role-playing games are obliged to teach the child to get the winner out of any situation for the sake of preservation of the life and the personality. The psychologist or just wise person can be the teacher. Subjects for role-playing games have to be offered by children - offers can be written and lowered in a cool “post“ box. Often not easy to admit to the child that he is tormented by a difficult question, but when “for the sake of all“, it is easier to grow bolder and ask.

In the sixth class priests have to come to school.

Atheists, it is not necessary to be indignant. The main thing that priests have to inform children: there is a place where everyone can come and lay out the pain there, disclose the abscesses where will ennoble humiliated and will carefully lower from the dangerous height of proud - the place where will help it to keep his life and will fight for it together with it.

The graduate of the sixth class at a threshold of the teenage period. The considered occupations with it we are obliged to prepare it for this new step in his life.