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“Saiga“. How the little antelope gave the name to the whole family of the weapon?

“Saiga“ as a carbine on the basis of the Kalashnikov are known in Russia (and not only in Russia) by all who though is interested in hunting and other civil weapon a little. Whether and many know why the name of a fragile antelope called this terrible weapon?

All who lived in the USSR, remember, probably, the epic of conquest of virgin lands. By extreme labor heroism millions of hectares of virgin lands nevertheless managed to be introduced into agricultural circulation. And then this work began to be destroyed systematically … And who? Antelopes. Saigas.

The matter is that for cultivation of crops people settled down on the way of migration of antelopes - saigas. Herds of saigas those years contained millions of the heads. These animals caused so huge loss to agriculture that the secretary of communist party of Kazakhstan D. A. Kunayev addressed personally L. To I. Brezhnev with a request for development of the hunting weapon which would allow to make shooting of saigas more effectively, than standard fowling pieces.

A saiga - an animal very sensitive, as well as any antelope. Therefore, shooting was conducted at long distances by a case-shot that led to appearance of numerous wounded birds who, naturally, died then. And it could not be allowed in any way as meat and horns of an antelope were on sale abroad for currency.

The state importance not somebody got down to business, and designers are armorers of Izhmash. That where the legendary Kalashnikov was invented, tested and launched in big life. Four years were spent tests of a carbine on the basis of the Kalashnikov. After the end of working off of a design about 300 autoloading semi-automatic carbines under a non-standard cartridge of 5,6õ39 mm were let out. However this carbine and remained unclaimed. Saigas died out, and the management of the plant which was letting out small arms for the Soviet Army somehow did not think of commercial release. And who needed it in planned, noncommercial economy?

Collapse of the USSR at the beginning of 90 - x, an economic crisis, impossibility of the state to pay for already made military production, as a result - chronic zaderzhkavyplata of a salary and leaving “on earnings“ the best experts. It forced the management of plant to return to the forgotten development. The Izhevsk experts tried to apply double technologies that with the minimum expenses to begin release of the new nomenclature of the civil weapon.

The carbine “Saiga“ was remade from the boss 5,6õ39 under a widespread cut cartridge 7,62õ39 (same, as well as in the well-known AKM). The carbine differs from the service submachine gun in what in is mute firing by turns is impossible and the design of knot of accession of shop to the weapon therefore it is simply impossible to insert into “Saiga“ shop from joint stock company is changed.

A butt and a carbine tsevya, executed in “hunting style“, and also an overlay for a gas chamber were produced from plastic or from a tree. Capacity of shop - five and ten cartridges. Today cut carbines “Saiga“, according to the statement of the management of Izhmash concern, make more than a half of all civil cut weapon in the Russian Federation. Modifications of this carbine under cartridges 7,62õ39 (from AKM), 5,45õ39 are issued (from joint stock company - 74) and. 223 rem (from the American rifle M - 16). Modification of M3 does not differ from fighting in joint stock company externally at all, probably, therefore her release was stopped a few years ago.

But the cut weapon is the cut weapon. His main consumers are professional hunters and few fans of “narezukha“ of whom in Russia with its draconian weapon legislation it is not much. And those whom I know will buy the import weapon, the benefit the choice huge now rather.

And here gladkostvol is already absolutely other market. Huge. Here both hunting, and self-defense, and private security activity, and simply “shob was“. As it was possible to miss such denzhishch! And here on production base of Izhmash release of “smooth-bore carbines“ under the Saiga trademark is begun. Today these carbines are issued in 12, 20 and 410 smooth-bore calibers.

“The saiga 12“, the smooth-bore weapon of the 12th caliber, is issued in Russia in several modifications including as the tactical weapon for police officers and military. The exact and trouble-free gun with huge, almost boundless resource “nastrel“ is bought today (2012) for police divisions of the USA, France and other states.

“A saiga 20“ - 20 - y smooth-bore, quite rare caliber. But also it finds the admirers.

“A saiga 410“ - in the smallest, 410th smooth-bore caliber - in general the separate song. In this caliber the greatest number of modifications, up to copies of the well-known service submachine gun of joint stock company - 74.

As the most suitable for entertaining firing (small caliber, small return, the small sizes of the weapon) guns 410 - go caliber moreover and in “automatic option“, are bought today by all who feel like it. This sector of the civil weapon experiences simply - explosive growth. And there are no competitors of production of “Izhmash“ in “sector 410“ in Russia yet. Absolutely.

Well and absolutely finally … There is a wish to wish to the Izhevsk armorers not only not to reduce speed, but also to make so that the weapon leaving walls of “Izhmash“ became better and better. So far, unfortunately, occurs just the opposite. But this pure personal opinion.

And I very much would like that it was not so. That I was mistaken.