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And you?! Chose the designer?

to make the decision On complexity … you Here bought
the apartment, well or old absolutely wore out. Also decided to make of it a candy (to draw a candy) and so that and also all was beautiful state-of-the-art, and switches with sockets in the correct places were. First thought: “And! Itself I will make everything! Friends with acquaintances if that will help“, but then thought, thought and decided to look to the truth in eyes: most not to cope with all this accident of local scale. And there is no time so much strongly to bother.
All! It is solved! Let for me all be thought out and done, and I will only order. The designer is necessary! The only thing, a question in what. No, well it is clear that the interior designer. But now them as tadpoles in a small pond. Proceeding from it, it is necessary to think over all dangers, all advantages and to make a choice so that this “tadpole“ was not a shark and everything did not porazrushat!
At the moment is a lot of, as well as the studios of design which are carrying out a full complex of services from drawing 3D - pictures before repair “under slippers“, and simple, free designers. I will tell you so … To get interior design of the dream approximately identical chances in both cases. Each of them has merits. And the main thing at the free designer, is the price! Their services are more democratically paid because they are not burdened with payments for rent, for utilities and other pleasures of corporate life different there. But it, by the way, does not mean that low price - a quality indicator. Sometimes very gifted and professional “singles“ come across. Then the price good, but it is difficult to make a choice from - for a large number of applicants and lack of a legal reinforcement of performance of work.
Now studios of design … The price is more expensive. However, of course it is possible to pick up cheaper and from other city can invite (in the neighboring cities they “always cheaper“). Advantages consist that at studios everything together moves on a saucer. Studios have construction crews, the supply channels of furniture, light, bathroom equipment and other gadgets, also the architects very often are on the staff that gives an additional guarantee to the fact that the technical component will be executed truly. The shortcoming one still is. At design of studios (workshops, bureau, laboratories etc.) production of interiors is put on a stream and it can turn out that for you, as well as for 20 previous do “a special interior“, but which is terribly similar to those which were TO yours.
Those dangers at the choice of the designer it is possible to avoid if to consider several points:
! The first and most important - the good designer has to DO EVERYTHING! (but with taste)
! Of course, PORTFOLIO. And how without it?! The portfolio is an evident indicator of working capacity, creativity of experience of designers. Not only the drawn works, namely a selection of photos of the real, realized projects have powerful value. In addition, it is worth looking still: 1) where the designer got an education and 2) whether it has some awards for participation in competitions, forums etc. (if it and in the truth of people creative, then it CAN not just bypass such action, it is necessary for it that all knew about his TALENT) to

! Not to draw three hundred thousand options. The designer has to listen to you, understand THAT you need and to draw only 1 option, and then to correct him and only to improve
! Questionnaires. At the good designer “questionnaires for customers“, or just the list of questions are always prepared. Filling of such questionnaires gives a guarantee that the designer will PRECISELY hear (and also will read) your wishes and requirements.
! The designer (any) has to leave always PERSONALLY on object, to see a situation personally, but not to do design - the project just according to drawings. If it not so, then leaves that it does the same works and it your preferences just do not worry.
! Furniture. All furniture, light, bathroom equipment and other components of an interior have to be the presents, but not just surrealistic representations of the designer.
! Unique quality. Several design firms also recognize Promonitorte which of them has a “special“, “unique“ quality / offer. The studio (designer) chosen by you as all of them - people creative, are obliged to propose only for you new solutions, new technologies, new ideas. Such what anybody does not have (well or is, but in very limited quantity).
! Prepare sledge in the summer. Before going on a meeting to the designer, it is the best of all to see pile of different projects from the Internet, magazines, television in advance, at last. And you what is not present and that is pleasant “here“ and that “well prostooo it is awful like to reveal what interior!“. Thereby, you outline a focus of interest and preferences for yourself and to present to the designer YOUR interior will be more simply and more in details.

So, at the designer of your dream has to be:
- All inclusive
- the real
portfolio - 1 best
option - personal control
- the existing furniture in the
projects - the unique quality other than other

the Choice of the designer difficult work, but it is worth it! Believe!