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Whether the egoist is dangerous?

Arrogance - mother of all defects. Generations of arrogance: egoism, greed, malignancy, ostentatious humility, nonsense, falsity etc., - is a lot of them, the defects which are taking away sincere pleasure, the warm world, health and life from the person.

One people with hope look around and wait for approval to the acts, the thoughts from people around. Others - pull a blanket on themselves and try to convince neighbors that have the right to keep the transitory body from drafts.

The child was born in the world. He is not tormented by conscience when he cries at night and to the parents does not allow to sleep. He is an egoist? And if 30 - the summer man cut music to the full extent and dances with the friends till the morning on the sixth floor not of the house? There is a difference?

The kid haunts people around and raises the voice only for the sake of Life which put on his weight and animated it. Man rustles only for the sake of satisfaction of the desire. Need and lust. Need - is modest, but is obliged to declare oneself loudly, to stand firmly and unshakably. Lust - is insatiable and unbridled, mad and full of excesses, and therefore is inclined to a disorder and dirt. Need - for the sake of life, and Life will fight for a pure body and artless mind - for itself. Lust pushes and drags and izmuchat to exhaustion of the one who wanders mind or does not want to know a limit to the “I want“. For the ascetic we will be glad: it has a hope for the best destiny. We will sympathize with the egoist: it the diet, sneers and hostility of people, even ahead waits for relatives with whom it once did not reckon.

In the baby the most important motivation of acts is put - to survive. To survive - the same instinct as an instinct of breath and food. Whether there is this instinct with the person until the end of his days? Yes, remains. And it is good, otherwise in hard times all would run to break.

The tree sapling among similar will win to itself so much place in the sun on how many it will have enough forces and for how many them more in comparison with his neighbors. Means, in the dumb nature the law of the right strong works? Yes! In the nature the law of the right strong works. But one tree cannot cut down nearby the standing same tree to occupy to itself more place for heating and food. And the person can kill in word and deed similar, can rob, slander, ennoble him, having humiliated before him himself, or, on the contrary, to humiliate him and to climb to him on a hump.

It is written in the ancient Book: “The city which has no wall will be destroyed“. Everyone “I“ has to have a space. Not parents, not children, not other people inhaled in us spirit of life. Life is given everyone as precious gift, given for nothing. But it does not mean that it is possible. Its value is not an equivalent in the world of people, and one life is equal at the life price another. To tell: “no“ or “Give me“ is not egoism, but the help of reason for preservation of Life in itself when the thought and feeling to the person are prompted that it has no forces or opportunities to cope at present with a specific problem. To tell: “No“ or “Give me“ is an egoism if for the sake of an excess or when incited by laziness or it is cunning - wise calculation of people something necessary to make does not want.

Whether everything people are identical at the birth and all are worthy identical space under the sun? Yes, enters each baby identical, pure as spring water, Spirit. And It remains with it forever, animating. But “soil“ - a body impacts to each soul “relish“. And the less garbage of people inherited from the ancestors in genes and put throughout the years in heart, the healthier it the body, is lighter than it reason and sincere forces are stronger - it is from the outside more difficult to shake it, so it has more chances “to grow“ above others more deeply and more widely to take “the root“.

“Works of just - to life, success impious - to a sin“ (i.e. to misses, to mistakes) (the Bible. Solomon`s parables, hl. 10. page 16). If the person earned by the work and mind to himself wealth and any conveniences - there is no basis that he was tormented by conscience at a meeting with the beggar. And the alms to poor will bring closer it to initial purity and will prolong time of its prosperity, and will increase its force. If the person sits on others neck, then there is no reason for him to grumble when this neck suddenly refuses to carry it on itself, and life for him who is not taught by experience will turn back pain from bruises and callosities on its gentle skin.

Whether the egoist is dangerous to the state and society? Yes, it is dangerous since egoism - defect. And defect does not go one and is capable to give with itself seven more. Defects divide people on the victims and torturers. Why in 1917 in Russia there was a revolutionary situation if in 1913 there was an unprecedented growth of economy? Because, in the absence of equal opportunities for all citizens, the abyss between the poor and the rich extended so that as Lenin specified, tops could not live as before, and bottoms did not want - a fruitless situation when further mutually beneficial relations between different sectors of society and development of the country in general are impossible.

The sinusoid is a two-dimensional description of a roundabout. It appears, it is black - there is no white strip, and for all living the law one, fair and true! There is time, it is obligatory to eat time (hour of Court) when comes to this world and there is visible for all what was hidden in darkness, in heart of the person and that reached the completeness - time of collecting the ripened harvest from the seeds seeded by someone and him. There is a black strip for the arrogant man and the egoist, angry and greedy, silly and vicious, “dragon“ generated, and it is absent - for this purpose who trusts Life, Love and strives reason for wisdom, and the acts for peace.

We will peacefully enjoy life, the and the neighbor and to work for the sake of Life with It at the same time. And the egoist where will find to himself the place then?