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What to look in Prague at?

Unlike many other capitals of Europe, Prague it is very compact, both the main architectural and historical sights are in limits of the geographical center. It very much facilitates acquaintance to them.

I would refer three main to the main sights of Prague: An Old Square, Karlov Bridge and the Prague Hail - the residence of kings and the present government of the Czech Republic. Though, frankly - all old city is also one continuous sight of Prague. Here where does not leave feeling that you are in medieval Europe and here - here from - for a corner the carriage with some court grandee accompanied by horse guard will appear.

Automatically there is a question of excursions and, of course, especially about a notorious sightseeing tour. It, as a rule, enters a standard tourist`s package. But, from my point of view, there is no need in it. At least because neither on the Old Square nor to go to the Prague Hail of Prague by bus there is no sense. Here everywhere it is necessary to go on foot.

Though if you prefer to move in these parts a jog trot in crowd of tourists after the guide is your way. I act according to years to the checked rule.

To a trip it is desirable to obtain a maximum of information on what to look in Prague at, and then already on the place, slowly, independently to get acquainted with sights of Prague. And it is not necessary to hurry behind group, and you will not lag behind it. And in general it is not necessary.

For this purpose it is necessary just to buy at home the Prague guide (them quite enough in bookstores, I recommend Poliglot publishing house) and to study it on the eve of a trip regarding what to look in Prague at. By the way, will as in plane esteem. In total - the summer is not one hour old, it is necessary to be engaged in something.

Personally I can recommend the following route of a sightseeing of Prague. It, first of all Prague Hail . We reach in the subway to Hradchanska station, we rise upward and, following numerous street indexes, we walk by the Prague Hail. To the course somewhere minutes 15 - 20.

There slowly we examine everything that there is, remembering that we already obtained primary information from the guide and the Internet. I will not take your time here and to give various historic facts about the Prague Hail unless I will tell: do not forget to glance on well-known “Zolotaya Street“. It is the ancient medieval small street where goldsmiths, and not only they lodged. For example, the famous writer Franz Kafka too here lived some time.

And still. Do not forget the camera. The Prague Hail is on the high left coast of Vltava. Exactly from here amazing views of Prague - ancient red tile roofs among violent greens, openwork arches of ancient bridges through Vltava and Gothic spikes of ancient constructions open. Exactly here you understand why Prague received the second name - Gold Prague.

Having finished with survey of the Prague Hail, we go down to Vltava down the street of Mostetskaya. This ancient street is also very picturesque and interesting. Already below we pass under Malostransky bridge towers and we come to well-known Karlov Bridge .

This bridge began to be under construction in 1357 - then the first stone was put by the emperor Charles IV. The symbolics of numbers was very important for the emperor and the architect: figure 135797531 (year, number, month and hour of a bookmark) represent the ascending and descending row which consists only of odd numbers and everyone the subsequent is two more, than previous.

The bridge is not used for transport for a long time, and now it is an ancestral lands of ill-matched tourist brotherhood, street musicians and lovers. Ancient sculptures on both sides of the bridge are covered with a noble green patina, and sometimes it seems that they with barefaced curiosity look at a motley human stream on the bridge entrusted to them.

Having passed Karlov Bridge, we get to ancient central part of Prague where our way lies straight on Old Square . It is historic center of Prague. There is a building of a city Town hall, the temple of the maiden Maria from amazing beauty spikes (especially they are beautiful in the evening, illuminated by searchlights), a monument to John Hus - to the medieval hero of the Czech people and just everything people around this area of the building are unique on the beauty.

Separately would like to mention the well-known chiming clock on a city Town hall . It is an astronomical clock, so-called. “Prague Orla“ - a chiming clock with very sophisticated dial. I did not understand that they show, except directly time of day.

Daily from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening each hour a chiming clock begins to beat and from a window there are figures replacing each other symbolizing 12 apostles. The main thing not to pass this time.

Of course, in Prague there are museums, galleries, theaters and other interesting places, obligatory for the ancient European capital. On a reception of the hotel you will find the sea of information on such places. I will not tell here what of them should be visited, and what, from my point of view, not necessarily. In total - at each of us the hobbies and preferences.

I, for example, would never go to the museum of toys (by the way, it is in the territory of the Prague hail), but, having listened to desperate requests of my daughter, it was necessary to go there. What then, actually, also did not regret about.

To the contrary, I, maybe, out of curiosity would also glance in the Prague museum of love mechanisms (various mechanical devices which were invented by inventive mankind for carnal joys), but I think that the daughter would not be delighted.

And still: as you already have a Schengen visa, it is possible to go to Vienna or Dresden. In the morning there, in the evening back.

It is possible to include the cost of these excursions in the total price of a tourist`s package, and it is possible to order already directly in specialized Prague bureau and in advance to pay for the Internet. And it is possible and just to buy the train ticket or the bus to the chosen place, to reach and to look independently.

Successful travel to the capital of the Czech Republic!