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What to occupy the child for the period of vacation with?

Very soon will sound the last school call, our children - school students will rise from - for school school desks, will leave cool rooms and summer vacation will get to a time span under the name. What to occupy our children of summer vacation in time with? How to organize their everyday leisure and so what not only harm was not, but also the advantage was?

Unfortunately not all working parents have an opportunity all summer vacation to carry out together with the child, at best it is month of holiday, and in case of a work involving all hands at work, the child during summer vacation is provided to himself.

Grandmothers and grandfathers from the village are ideal options then. The child and air fresh will breathe, from city bustle will be able to have a rest, will gain strength and health on natural rural products and that the most important - will be under supervision.

If the option with grandmothers and grandfathers from the village is not considered from - for their absence or from - for impossibility of such trip, it is possible to consider options of summer recreation camps for children. There not only the child will be under supervision of heads and tutors, but also will be regularly fed. Will take care as well about culturally there - entertainment program for children. The child will be able to spend time spent in a summer recreation camp with advantage both for health and for the development. Also it will be able to find there and new friends.

If also the option with summer recreation camps for children disappears for various, but important and powerful reasons, the child on summer vacation on the most part of day remains is provided to himself, should take care of its summer leisure we loving and careful parents.

Children are children. Sometimes absolutely inconceivable ideas which, sometimes, not than good do not come to an end come to their lucid minds. Therefore to refer to the fact that your child already adult and independent, and the attention does not need control and not to be aware of in what your child on summer vacation, idea not really correct is engaged. And it can have very deplorable consequences. Therefore to be aware of events, to control and sponsor your child, all - is necessary. Control and guardianship should not be too persuasive, but you always have to be in a state to answer a question where there is your child and with whom he spends the time. You should not exasperate the child with phone calls every five minutes, however periodically will not prevent to call up. And if your child calls you itself, do not wave away from conversation with it, encourage his desire to communicate.

Not superfluous will be to repeat once again for the child elementary rules of personal security, the rule of conduct in emergency situations, phones of the main services. Sometimes, we forget obvious things. And the reminder, once again, of rules of conduct with gas, electricity, perhaps, will be able to save from unpleasant situations.

You watch that in time summer vacation, the child normally, fully and regularly ate. Food - guarantee of health, growth and development of our children. Therefore you should not encourage hobby of the child, chips, the cook - stakes instead of a full-fledged lunch. And here the care of parents will take care of this full-fledged lunch. If the child shows interest in cookery it is possible to encourage his desire to prepare independently simple dishes.

Be aware of plans of the child per day. Know names of friends of your child. The knowledge of additional information on where they live also phone numbers of friends will also be ideal option.

If your child is fond of reading books, suggest it to join a public library and to take books from there. Or take care of picking up to it a selection of interesting and fascinating literature for reading on summer vacation.

If in your city there are museums, suggest the child to visit summer vacation them in time, to get acquainted with their exhibitions and expositions. It is also possible to offer visit of movie theaters for viewing of new movies and animated films. Of course, it will be better if your child visits all these places not one, and with friends.

Many tourist operators for the period of summer vacation offer trips for one day in colourful places of your area, to monuments history and architecture, to zoos and parks which are near your city. Visit together with the child of such tourist operators choose trips which as much as possible will interest your child. He will be able not only to have a rest from school lessons during summer vacation, but also to broaden the small children`s horizons.

However vacation does not mean full inaction for your child. For it this excellent opportunity to help parents with household chores. Give to the child simple tasks on the house, to tide up, dust, water flowers, to walk a dog, to buy products. You should not forget also and about the school program. If for summer of concrete tasks at school did not give, it does not mean that to solve problems and examples, is strictly forbidden to read books and to write dictations.

Than more leisure of your child will be organized, the his time will be planned during summer vacation more particularly, the your child will have less time for rash, silly, dangerous acts. The will be quieter to us loving and careful parents.