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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on May 6 - 9? “Avengers“, “Match“, etc.

On the eve of long holidays and the Victory Day the Russian film film distributors tried to hammer sessions with new movies as much as possible. Among debutants the full-scale Hollywood blockbuster “Avengers“, the Russian tape “Match“, the new movie of Karen Shakhnazarov “A white tiger“, the drama with Vanessa Paradis and several American tapes, including a horror film about the ATM and a picture with Adrian Brody`s participation.

And now is more detailed:

1. “Avengers“ (The Avengers, 2012)


Around a premiere of the next comic book of the Marvel company in the USA played not sickly agiotage. Analysts break a spear, hysterical trying to calculate whether the superheroic blockbuster will beat record starting collecting the last part of “Harry Potter“. Behind this fuss of marketing specialists and film journalists the fact that the premiere of the film in some territories already took place somehow was imperceptibly missed. And quite successfully, considering that the budget of a tape (220 mln. dollars) it is beaten already off, and in the homeland only prepare for warm welcome of “Avengers“ on all film platforms.

I will remind that “Avengers“ are a screen version of the comic book of the same name 60 - x years in which the chief author of Marvel Stan Li for the first time united several superheroes in uniform team at once. Creators of the movie, including the director Joss Whedon (“A hut in the wood“) and screenwriter Zac Penn, took a plot of the paper original as a basis. The stepbrother the Torah, artful Loki attacks Earth, and the organization Shch resists to him. I. T. led by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), having called on the party the Captain America, the Torah, Iron Man and Hulk (the new person - Mark Ruffalo).

We waited for this project long and, undoubtedly, expectations are met. The most powerful attraction in 3D is filled at full scale, beginning from always venomous Robert Downey Jr. and finishing with magnificent special effects. If to look - that only at movie theaters.


Reasonably believing “match“ (2012) that chances at “Match“ suprotiv “Avengers“ almost any, the Tsentral Partnership company contrived to let out Andrey Malyukov`s tape two days earlier. Quite expected course within “protection of domestic producer“. A question only in whether it was worth preserving the pathos drama against predictable spectator indifference?

“Match“ - the third screen version of tragic events of the legendary “match of death“ which took place in the summer of 1942 in Kiev occupied by fascists between the Soviet football players and the national team of nazis. Before there was the well-known “Third time“ (1962) and very free Hollywood interpretation “Victory“ (1981) led by Stallone (!) . God, he, of course, loves the Trinity, but the new picture has a number of notable shortcomings. In - the first, hit in Sergey Bezrukov`s purpose whose manner of game became object of numerous parodies for a long time is inevitable. Authors and against introduction to a plot of the fictional love line, responsibility for which laid down on fragile and, alas, untalented shoulders of Elizaveta Boyarskaya could not resist.

Imaginary significance and juggling by the facts to please to an author`s plan in this case - too cheap trick. Perhaps, authors should have refused the engaged performers and to order a picture not to please to dribbling romanticism, and really standing details and events of that epoch-making meeting and its tragic consequences. Nevertheless the, “understanding“ viewer, the picture will find, also as well as “Admiral“, and “Taras Bulba“.

3. “Children to sex not a hindrance“ (Friends with Kids, 2011)

Generally Jennifer Uestfeld`s comedy had to appear at movie theaters of Russia on March 8, but something went not and the tape was moved for May holidays. It is doubtful that at the same time we lost much because the picture represents the plot which is traveled all over recently about incompatibility of the Platonic relations and sex. Actually, the word “sex“ in the name of a picture appeared from an easy hand of our localizers which should shift in every possible way to entice public on movies through passage.

A half of a cast removed from the last year`s female comedy “Hen Night in Vegas“. The trite yumorok, a weighty piece of unpretentious romanticism and tasty morals in the final is explained it traditional, by places amusing, places. The American editions, judging by a trailer, are in ecstasy from “ease, originality and touching“ a plot. The local viewer on this embedded advertizing somehow was not moved. And I do not advise you.


No, thank God, American Chris Sparling (the screenwriter of the thriller “Buried Alive“) will not force us to watch “ATM“ (ATM, 2011) at all how the mad ATM devours young “yuppies“. The device for delivery of money here - only the place where events will be developed. The Trinity from office came around on the way to cash a credit card when a uvidala at the exit of the mysterious man in a hood. The mysterious moron wanders about the waste ground, very clearly showing threat. And then the youth begins to slight, in passing killing casual witnesses. Excellent the evening, the word was given.

Critics picked a tape of the debutant David Brooks to pieces, having especially abused the idiotic, improbable scenario of Sparlinga whom something too often pulls on the closed spaces. Do not judge and do not judge you will be, of course, but this work obviously does not deserve film distribution.

5. “The white tiger“ (2012)

the First movie of Karen Shakhnazarov (“Courier“, “We from the jazz“, “Regicide“) about war promises an intense duel of the Russian tankman and the mystical phantom, fascist tank “White Tiger“ capable to alone turn an issue of the combat. The tape not of original property, and is removed based on Ilya Boyashov`s story “Tankman, or the White tiger“. And unlike recent “Spy“ or absolutely fresh “Match“, authors refused as involvement of media persons, like Bezrukov or Bondarchuk, and entering of considerable changes into the literary primary source.

As well as “Match“, “The white tiger“ appears in hire on the eve of one of the most sacral holidays for residents of our country, the Victory Day. Also we will hope, the disappointment is the last that you feel after viewing as this not outstanding, but is professional also with soul of the shot picture.

6. “Transit“ (Transit, 2011)

the Road thriller - not such and a rare genre in the American cinema. Remember “Fellow traveler“, “Accident“. Debut “Duel“ of Spielberg, at last. In this genre it is very important to keep dynamics of the narration because that can be worse than the fighter slipping in inaction. Colombian Antonio Negreta managed not to fall into a lethargical sleep and for modest 5 million dollars to present on court of the viewer unexpectedly successful movie “Transit“ with James Kevizel`s participation (“Passion of the Christ“). The essence is simple - the gang of morons plunders collectors and on border gets rid rich persons in the next jeep with tourists. Certainly, on that party of a barrier bandits intend to return the, but their cruelty meets worthy repulse from the father of family.

The second echelon of film premieres pictures, to scope of festivals relations which do not have will go. It is one more comedy “Wedding defeat“ aimed at youth audience. The next history of a mad bachelor party with coke, rams, nonconventional sex and absolutely freaky witnesses. Without brakes definitely it will be pleasant to fans of raunchy comedies. And admirers of serious dramas should pay attention to new actor`s work of Vanessa Paradis in the touching psychological drama of “De Flore`s cafe“ and Adrian Brody in a graceful independent tape about the hard lot of teachers “Detachment“ which received in our hire more harmonious name “The teacher on replacement“ .