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How to win against sleeplessness?

Likely, many faced this phenomenon. It seems, d not there is a wish to sleep, but you can fall asleep. You turn with a side sideways, and in the head any thoughts, day talk wander. Mentally you argue with someone, anew you scroll all events that occurred in a day.

Whether it is possible to win against sleeplessness? It is possible. I will not carry on conversation on tablets of sleeping pill, it is a little advantage of them. And here and the “heavy“ head in the morning it is enough accustoming to sleeping pill to refuse this method.

Why sleeplessness develops? From - for some the troubles which occurred in the afternoon from overexcitation, from overfatigue (yes, and from it too!) . Here several ways of “fight“ against sleeplessness from the personal experience. Some can seem to you ridiculous, but believe, they work.

1. Get to yourself a habit to shake up pillows and to stir up a blanket before going to bed.

2. Read before going to bed books and magazines of favourite subject. Reading kills all thoughts which are saved up in a day and switches your consciousness to positive emotions. Try! You will fall asleep directly with the book in hands.

3. Rehearse expression “I want to sleep!“. When you go to bed, this thought has to kill all others. I needed several years “to train“ itself. Now it already appears automatically as soon as you “aim“ to have a sleep. And all other unnecessary thoughts just do not find an opening. “I want to sleep“ turns in the head is unceasing, and itself do not notice how you fail in a dream.

4. If it is not slept, take a needle of average thickness and its ear “scratch“ nails of a thumb of both legs. Be not fond! It is not necessary to do it with frenzy. You will feel heat and drowsiness.

5. This way is tested on itself and friends. Laugh, but believe, it helps! Put a metal subject of the average sizes under a pillow. I used a wrench on 24. Who saw a key, that knows its size. It is necessary to use purely metal, without plastic. One of my acquaintances used an adjustable spanner. Her husband treating it with a considerable share of scepticism overslept 12 hours. Of course, ridiculously to sleep with a piece of iron under a pillow! But helps! Means, it is possible and it is necessary to use such method of fight!

6. It is possible to use an aspen about 20 cm long trunk piece. Previously take it on a solar window sill about a week, and then put under a pillow. In the beginning the piece will disturb, but over time get used to it. Approximately in a month put it on a window sill for “filling“ with the sun again - and again under a pillow.

All above-mentioned ways of fight against sleeplessness are influenced, on friends, on relatives. Of course, you should not mix everything in one heap and to use at the same time. But each of the offered options should be tried. I am sure, some precisely will suit you.

And points 1 and 3 can become your satellites for the rest of life!

Well and if absolutely nothing helps, then probably conscience is not true (I joke), or you an owl for whom night - wakefulness time.

Quiet and sweet dreams!