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How to cut off saplings of apple-trees?

constantly to receive good harvests of bulk apples (especially in difficult climatic conditions), along with a right choice of grades of apple-trees the choice of a type of krone of the cultivated trees is very important. So, their correct and timely cutting is obligatory.

For severe weather conditions of my seasonal dacha (Altai) the most suitable forms of krone of apple-trees are either stlantsevy, or kustovidny. For example, Krasnoyarsk stlanets and kustovidny spherical shape well proved.

A site at me small, only 4 hundred parts therefore in the form of stlanets it was necessary to refuse cultivation of apple-trees - such trees, though well transfer severe winters, and yield the guaranteed quite good harvest, take too much place. Therefore I picked up only frost-resistant grades of apple-trees, and they grow in a kustovidny form (the truth, in some years freeze slightly in the winter).

I do cutting of apple-trees annually, however with spring cutting never I hurry. At first always I give time to yablonka to depart from winter, to be dismissed, and only after that in June when it becomes precisely clear what branches especially suffered, I start cutting of trees.

For myself I chose an easy and clear way of cutting which is recommended by the gardener A. M. Gavrilovsky from Barnaul. It is only necessary to remember at such way key (as the author - “magic“ writes) figure - three .

A code I for the first time plant on the constant place a yablonka sapling - as a rule, in the spring - that I cut off it at once so that on it there were only 3 growth kidneys. During the summer grows from them identical three branches, that is a peculiar apple-tree bush turns out.

The next spring I cut off each branch in the same way again. I leave three growth kidneys, and other ruthlessly I delete all. To fall of the second year such yablonka is already a bush from nine branches. For the third year I cut off all nine branches on three kidneys again, and on it the cutting forming krone and comes to an end. As a result the apple-tree bush from identical 27 branches turns out.

After that in each spring cutting on each of 27 branches I leave on one growth kidney, and I try to delete all others. Of course, I leave fruit kidneys, and they at the same time perfectly develop. At the same time the yablonka begins to fructify both a bit earlier, and is quite plentiful.

In addition to it during the whole summer regularly I prishchipyvat all appearing lateral and other branches with growth kidneys. The krone, thus, does not zagushchatsya, receives a lot of light and heat, and the tree perfectly grows.

Of course, not always so smoothly it turns out that was formed and remained in krone of 27 identical branches. Something will freeze; happens, hares or mice will do much harm; something will break, etc. But all the same, if to try to use at the forming cutting “magic“ figure three , then the krone turns out in a look more - less symmetric and equal bush not higher than 3-3,5 m. At partial defeat by frosts it is easily restored, and the apple-tree continues to fructify.

Now from the fructifying apple-trees at me after two in a row very cold winters escaped only two. These are grades Gorno-Altaysk and the gardener`s Gift. But I do not despair. All apple-trees at me kornesobstvenny. Many years I grow up saplings independently, and very young saplings at me is grown up in prosperity therefore I hope with little effort and to restore expenses apple-tree pass - a garden.

The apple-tree not only gives tasty apples, but also the whole summer is the real decoration of a site! Very beautiful this tree and in a blossoming season, and a time of filling fruits so absolutely I am not going to refuse apple-trees, despite vagaries of the weather!