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How to grow thin?

How to grow thin? The immemorial question forcing to think of it practically each person having excess weight. On what only do not try to grow thin: on vegetables, on buckwheat, on proteinaceous products, on kefir and even on fat …

Yes, by means of these diets, of course, it is possible to grow thin. But whether there can to be lost health on one bowl of scales with the lost kilograms? In my opinion, when comparing the bowl of scales with huge advantage is outweighed in favor of health.

What it turns out? Vicious circle? As a rule, stout persons are pursued by all sores of the world. Trying to avoid their complications, people go on the most strict diets and by that do a bigger harm to the organism. Doctors unanimously claim that it is impossible to grow thin by fast methods. As to grow thin, without harming itself and whether it is possible?

I tried and at me it turned out. And an exit is, and it is quite simple. It is necessary to change lifestyle and style of food. And then the monodiets, on the one hand, bringing benefit, on the other hand, harm will not be necessary.

I lay somehow on a sofa, watched TV and accumulated additional fat. And here like a bolt from the blue: “To grow thin, it is necessary to eat!“ I attentively listened to the opinion expressed in transfer. I took this statement not literally, and it is correct. I did not begin to push in myself everything that will come hand, I began to eat each 2 hours. At first I gained the weight as on a habit of a portion were eaten in habitual volumes. For the third day the organism understood that there is so much it not to digest and began to oppose against reception of big portions.

With each meal having felt hungry less and less. Weight gradually began to leave, and together with it elasticity and smartness of skin began to disappear somewhere. Now before me there was a question not “how to grow thin“, and “how to return former sexuality“.

I understood that for a start it is necessary to overcome laziness. It is easy to tell - not easy to make. Step by step I approached the purpose. At first I forced itself to go on foot from the subway to the house. It was difficult the first two weeks, then it turned into pleasure. It appears, it is interesting to walk in the evenings very much even.

Further - more. Registered in fitness - club. Specially took the annual card that human greed overcame human laziness. As they say, “is paid“! Not to return back money, it is necessary to fulfill. Month I went to a gym as to torture then the strange feeling appeared. The beginning it is pleasant to me! Moreover, reflection in a mirror only urged on me to continue studies.

As - club I went to fitness after work, having come home, I did not think of food any more. I hastily drank a glass of kefir or yogurt and was ready to drop to sleep. Thus, about a dinner I forgot not in thoughts “how to grow thin“, and just from - that on it there was no force left.

For the first month of my diligent attempts to grow thin I dumped 6 kg. And at first I made efforts for it, now I derive pleasure. My body in a tone, my health in a full order, and my figure forces passersby to be wrapped. I was rescued by the phrase: “To grow thin, it is necessary to eat!“ Now I know how to grow thin, and with pleasure shared it with you. Eat and grow thin on health!