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How to cook pilaf?

How to cook pilaf, know many. But even according to the same recipe at each hostess the dish with special taste turns out. How to cook classical pilaf, all fans of pilaf know. I prefer to do pilaf only with chicken.

How to cook pilaf which is loved by all my acquaintances and friends? I take
For preparation any parts of chicken. In times when with money was absolutely hardly, for preparation of pilaf I used chicken necks. Also very tasty dish turned out.
will be necessary for you For preparation of pilaf:
chicken meat - 700 grams;
onion - 3 - 4 heads;
carrots - 3 - 4 pieces;
rice priparenny - 0,4 kg;
garlic - 5 - 6 cloves;
pepper ground or peas, salt;
seasoning to taste, I love Maggi`s zazharka or chicken cubes;
parsley fresh - 1 bunch.

Process of preparation:

At first we cut chicken on small pieces. Try that pieces were approximately identical size. We fry them in vegetable oil before formation of a ruddy crust. While chicken is in process of frying, we cut onions, small we slice carrots. If there is no wish to spend time for a shinkovaniye, it is possible to grate carrots on a large grater.

We add onions to fried chicken. We fry contents 3 - 4 minutes and we spread to chicken with onions all carrots. We continue frying process. As soon as carrots a little are reddened, it is necessary to add rice. I like to use the steamed rice for pilaf. My pilaf always turns out friable, a risinka to a risinka.

Than the steamed rice is good? It can be not fried. That is, filled up rice, added water, spices, covered and we wait until water begins to boil. As soon as water began to boil, we add seasoning, the cut parsley, pepper, salt to taste, we mix, we wait until water begins to boil again. Then we diminish fire and we leave pilaf to pine until until water completely boils away. When water a little is absorbed in rice, accurately we stick the whole segments of garlic and 1 - 2 bay leaf in pilaf.

It is possible to check readiness accurately having moved apart pilaf a knife or a flat shovel. If there is no water, so pilaf is ready, but surely try rice on readiness. If did not guess with an amount of water, it is possible to correct process or having added the boiling water, or having opened a cover and having evaporated excess water. Difficulties, perhaps, will be only at first. Each time you will measure by eye amount of necessary liquid and ingredients more precisely.

Important: pilaf in the course of preparation not to stir slowly! For the life I made a lot of pilaf and drew a conclusion which I want to share with you. Even knowing how to cook pilaf, not each hostess will make it so that it was tasty. And everything depends not only on skillful hands of the hostess, but also on in what ware pilaf prepares. Very tasty pilaf turns out only in pig-iron ware. If you love pilaf, then you surely have to have in a stock a chugunok or an utyatnitsa. You can even not try to cook pilaf in a usual pan - all the same it will not turn out. At most, what you can receive is a tasty rice porridge with meat.

And the best pilaf prepares on a fire. This real masterpiece of culinary art! So if you have an opportunity to make pilaf outdoors, use it. Make pilaf according to this recipe and enjoy taste.