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How to remove freckles?

How to remove freckles? Such question interests many. Especially painfully young girls treat emergence of freckles. Women of more advanced age over the years get used to presence of freckles at them. Men, as a rule, do not pay attention on such small nyuansik.

Let`s understand why freckles appear. Their emergence results from violation of pigmentation of skin. Freckles represent a congestion of melanin which is formed on border of a superficial and deep layer of skin. From - for deep locations of melanin it is so difficult to get rid of freckles.

How to remove freckles? It is necessary to get rid of a skin blanket. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays of a freckle become brighter. In the oseena - the winter period of a freckle turn pale and become less noticeable.

If you want to get rid of freckles or to prevent their emergence, first of all, take care of it is as little as possible to happen on the sun. For protection of skin against ultraviolet rays use special protective equipment - lotions and creams.

Those who has predisposition to emergence of freckles need to watch that at their diet surely there were vitamins C and RR.

But if nevertheless you did not manage to avoid emergence of freckles in your person, then special bleaching creams or masks can help with a solution. Keep in mind that it is necessary to choose the bleaching means, considering type of your skin.

For strengthening of effect under cream it is possible to apply with a wadded tampon the following juice: lemon, grapefruit, and also sourcrout juice. Before wetting of skin this juice it is necessary to wet skin ordinary water of room temperature. It is possible to use industrial means for reduction of visibility of freckles, and it is possible to prepare masks independently.

In house conditions I can advise the effective bleaching masks from dairy products. Prepare a mask from the following ingredients: milk, drill, oatmeal. Heat milk to temperature of 32 - 35 degrees. Add to it to the drill on a teaspoon tip. Oatmeal it will be required exactly so much to receive the mass of a consistence of dense sour cream.

The mask is applied on skin for half an hour, then washed away warm water. The bleaching effect is visible after several procedures. Mix of sour milk and oatmeal is considered magnificent means. Mookie undertakes so much that the dense weight convenient for application on face skin turned out. The mask is applied on skin for 15 minutes.

How to remove freckles if you have a dry skin?


1 to 1 fat cottage cheese or cream with lemon juice. For improvement of result it is necessary to add to 10 - ti drops of ten-percentage peroxide of hydrogen. It is necessary to hold such mix on skin no more than 40 minutes.

The good bleaching effect can achieve, having mixed 1 teaspoon of 18% of cottage cheese, a half of a crude yolk, to 10 - ti a hydrogen peroxide thaw. It is possible to hold such mask on a face no more than half an hour.

How to remove freckles by means of honey? Mix a honey teaspoon with three spoons of fat cottage cheese. Except bleaching you receive the fine moistening and nutritious means.

Cucumber lotions, creams, masks bleach skin. Prepare fat skin lotion as follows: fill in a polished cucumber with vodka 1 to 1. Do lotions daily. It is possible to hold lotions on skin no more than an hour. Our grandmothers for bleaching of skin used juice of strawberry or red currant.

We understood a little how to remove freckles or at least to make them less noticeable. But there was one question - and whether costs? Freckles - a sun gift, and they so lovely look on a female face.