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What means “To put on, as in Ritz“? To birthday of Irving Berlin, the author of the song “Puttin` of on the Ritz“ I do not remember

when I for the first time heard this song, but precisely long ago. Clearer and old heads specify that it went to the Soviet masses in 1983 at the suggestion of the popular program “Morning Mail“.

In it scrolled the clip where smartly dressed dandy passes in a white vest and white gloves by poor Luda, heated at a fire from boxes, and plunges into the glamourous world of the rich men dashingly annealing against the Great depression of 1930 - x years. The guy called Tako (Taco), and the song “Puttin` on the Ritz“.

Certainly, the song has no relation to three times President of Russia - to Vladimir Putin. Expression of “Puttin` on the Ritz“ literally meant “To put on, as in Ritz“. In those old times the Ritts hotel, located on the London Pikkadilli (that where “ironed a fur coat collar“ to Laima Vaykula), was considered as one of the most prestigious and expensive. The people living in “Ritz“ were by default rich and put on suitably. As a result of “Puttin` on the Ritz“ began the such slangy turn meaning “To put on it is magnificent, found, stylishly“ (our way “very clean and in the latest fashion“).

The song sounded not less magnificently, and it was not clear why Tako more nothing on public flashed. And all the matter is that this hit was written for fifty years before Tako`s performance, and respectively other author. Upon the birth - even our fellow countryman.

It is about Izraele Beylin who really was born in Russia, but called the birthplaces so different that researchers still think from where he - from Tyumen, Mogilev or Podolsk. But it is precisely known that his father, escaping from riots, emigrated in 1893 to New - York, but in three years died. The poor boy since early years had to earn on a piece of bread. And here, during a time of work as the waiter at one small restaurant, the owner of an institution noticed sochinitelsky gift at Izrael and ordered to it to write the exclusive song. 16 - summer Izya coped with a task and even received the first royalties - even 37 cents. Having understood that it is possible to earn by music, Beylin trains for a new profession from waiters in composers.

In 1907 when he for the first time published the song, typesetters confused something, and Izya Beylin turned into Irving Berlin. Having decided that, maybe, and better (and it was better because in the USA of those years treated Jews ambiguously too), Irving gradually turned from the poor emigrant into beauty and pride of America. The composer Jerome Kern told about a contribution of Berlin to the American music shortly and clearly: “Irving Berlin is and there is American music“ .

For confirmation of the aforesaid it is enough to call only two songs “God Bless America“ (“My God, bless America“) and “White Christmas“ (“White Christmas“). The first was written in 1918 for... the comic musical, but obviously there it was inappropriate therefore Berlin remembered it only on the eve of World War II - in 1938. Soon it became the present informal American anthem, and Berlin transferred the rights for composition of one scout organization, having said: “It is impossible to earn from patriotism“ .
Especially as he earned much from the second song “White Christmas“ for the first time executed by Bing Crosby in 1942. It is in general the most popular Christmas song to the USA and the most cash piece of music sold in number of 30 million singles. There were journalists who are shamelessly asking: from what to write it to the son of the cantor of a synagogue about Christmas? What Berlin answered: “The fact that I am the cantor`s son cannot exclude that I am the hottest patriot of the United States of America!“ .
Is amusing that the great American composer did not know musical notation and played the piano indifferently. But composed wonderfully well - in its arsenal contain about one thousand (!) songs. And as from this one thousand at us, thanks to Tako, know only one, we will concentrate on it.

“Puttin` on the Ritz“ was written in 1929 and became the main subject of the same name to / f where it was executed by Harry Richman. The song dumbfounded the listener at once the unusual rhythm which the composer Alain Oydler called “difficult and provocative“ . Not without reason Bettie Wooster (the hero of excellent series of 1992 “Dzhivs and Wooster“ performed by “doctor House“ of Hugh Laurie) constantly gets off, trying to pick up “Puttin` on the Ritz“ on a grand piano.

The initial lyrics sounding at present was not less provocative also it is extremely politically incorrect. In it the fops of black Harlem trying to put on on the last money “as in Ritz“ were venomously derided (something it seems “And I go such all - Dolche - Gabano“ Verki Serdyuchki). All this was supported with such bad contemptuous slangy words as “Lulu - belle“ (young Black women) and “high browns“ (descendants of mixed marriages).

The translation of sense - Valentin Antonov: whether

you sometime Saw that rich buratin,
which, having assumed airs, walk on all famous Lennox - the avenue -
In high hats and with multi-colored collars,
In white short trousers and with fifteen dollars in a pocket?

If both it is boring for you, and it is sad, and there is no place to move,
That why don`t you go to Harlem dressed up totally?
There where in dresses with spangles black servants

I are pounded where everyone counter - cross “chocolate“
Important strides an elbow to an elbow with the mumpish boyfriend.
So go with me to this their party,
I we will see these dandies,
Lowering the last pennies on entertainments!

Last time the same text was heard from screens in 1939 in to / f “Idiot`s Delight“ from Clark Gable`s lips (you remember the handsome man Butler from “Gone with the Wind“?) . The truth in its version the couplet - the introduction was lowered (will also make then and Tako).

In 1946 “Puttin` on the Ritz“ had to sound in to / f “Blue Sky“ constructed entirely on Irving`s songs. Here - that the composer also became thoughtful on racial politeness therefore he strongly changed the text. Harlem Lennox - the avenue became Park - the avenue, black vypendryozhnik turned into white rich men, and instead of “high browns“ sounded “rokfeller“. There was in the text also Gary Cooper (who looks “soper - doper“ i.e. “super - a puper“) - the famous actor and the competitor Geybla for a rank of the main lady`s man of Hollywood.

The translation - Valentin Antonov: you sometime saw

that happy with life imagined,
which, having assumed airs, to and fro walk on Park - the avenue -
In high hats and with close collars,
I with a great lot of dollars in pockets of short wide trouser-legs,
I literally desyatitsentovik
They spend everyone for pleasant pastime?

If you are depressed and do not know where to you to move,
That why don`t you go to this monastery of fashion -
There where so many different tipchik
In striped trousers hang out and in modnyushchy jackets,

Very much trying to resemble Gary Cooper
I to look on one million?
So we will mingle with the crowd of “rokfeller“,
which walk there -
In elegant gloves, with canes and with umbrellas!

the actor Fred Astaire Executed new option. Pavarotti it was not, but arranged show so brilliant that its execution of “Puttin` on the Ritz“ became classics. Both masterful possession of a cane and a lethal tap dance which on the screen is executed by nine mounted Astaire`s copies impresses (Tako, by the way, left a tap dance sound).

Despite wide popularity of a song, there was a strange incident. In 1953 Nat Shimon and Jimmy Kennedy “wrote“ composition under the name “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)“ which the first was executed by the Canadian group FOUR LADS. An unaided ear it is heard that the song represents the simplified variation on “Puttin` on the Ritz“. The text, however, was the and concerned important explanations on the fact that “Istanbul is not Constantinople“ and if you agreed to meet the girl in Constantinople, then she will wait for you in Istanbule.

Nobody began to have legal proceedings concerning plagiarism. Besides - after “Istanbul“ good acquaintances of Berlin - Bing Crosby and Ella Fittsdzherald executed. In 1990 fairly accelerated and modernized Istanbula version became popular performed by THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS group.

Did not forget, of course, and the original. “Puttin` on the Ritz“ were rehashed by Ella Fittsdzherald and Judee Garland, the song and in many to / f sounded (for example, in “Inveterate swindlers“, widely famous at us, where the swindler - the aristocrat teaches the colleague from the people correctly to put on).

And in 1980 - x years inhaled new life in this hit to Tako Okersa - the Dutch guy who was born in Indonesia and living in Germany. “Puttin` on the Ritz“ he wrote down the version in 1981, having given a retro - to a hit modern sintezatorny sounding. A year later the song got to the American charts and in 1983. reached even to 4 - go places, having become peak of career of Tako. Any subsequent single of the singer - parade did not get to a hit.

As it is surprising, Irving Berlin managed to find the next triumph of the song. He in general lived extraordinary long life, having collected awards and praises from many American presidents. He died on September 22, 1989. On a question why he died, the son-in-law of Berlin told: “From anything. He was 101 years old, he just fell asleep“ .