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Library - House of Books or entertaining establishment?

on May 27 - the All-Russian day of libraries! There is a wish to remind once again all why and why libraries still remain popular cultural institutions.

In the modern world of library gradually recede into the background. Today, to find the necessary book, it is not obligatory to visit library, it is possible to go and to easily buy necessary or to download it on the Internet. For this reason libraries are ready to change and master new types of service for the regular readers and for new visitors.

Today even the simplest regional libraries are rich with a variety of books - both for entertainment, and for study. The vast majority of libraries already refused reading rooms, and everyone can take any book home for 15 days. If you lacked this time for studying, then it can be prolonged by phone or on social networks in special group.

Many libraries are equipped state-of-the-art. Internet access, listing, the copier, the zones Wi - Fi, media - corners, recreation areas where, having settled on a soft sofa, you can read the fresh issue of the magazine and have a rest a little.

Gradually libraries turn into entertaining establishments and try not to lag behind the times, involving in reading is even more active. Employees of libraries hold interesting mass events, participate in actions. Actively cooperate with schools, hospitals, public organizations.

In libraries clubs on interests will be organized. Club for girls, for boys, for women, for men, for pensioners. For example, in many cities in libraries computer courses for pensioners are organized. Employees of libraries pass special training, and then absolutely free of charge share knowledge with pensioners. In the 21st century without computer you will not live in any way, and this science is given to pensioners hardly. Here they also hurry for the help in library. Were trained - and right there took special literature for house studying. And in few months returned again - behind computer games.

This year the Russian Federation took one more step for advance of libraries, having organized Biblionoch - a large-scale network event of national level in support of social authoritativeness of literature as historically national project of Russia.

The first time it was very difficult to organize and hold such event, but persons interested to participate in an action there was a huge number. All wanted to support the native libraries. Readers registered in participation in Biblionochi.

In our library we decided to make several zones for different generations and at the end of an action to unite them in one big amicable company.

For pensioners were organized lecture of the doctor about a healthy lifestyle and consultation of the programmer. For children and teenagers we organized the master - a class of playing a guitar, the master - a class on different types of needlework - on an embroidery, on production of products from macaroni, millet, a papya - Masha, beads, fur.

Organized a miniperformance - the dramatized statement, comic fortune-telling and predictions. Students of the next higher education institution participated in a performance. Karaokes - a competition, intellectual and entertaining games - such as “Mafia“ and “ALIAS“ were for all comers carried out, or “Tell differently“ (linguistic fascinating game for the cheerful company).

Books and bookmarks with a logo of library were presented to all visitors. We were not able to allow people to leave library without book!

So if you started missing at home, come to us! In library it is not boring now at all, and even on the contrary - it is cheerful. We will sing, we will dance, we will play, well and, of course, we esteem!

With a holiday, dear colleagues and favourite readers!