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How to become the good adviser?

Not everyone is also not always ready to accept useful experience of other people. Even if council magic and universal, it can easily be ignored. And then somebody will tell the same (or will make) as if the first time, and it “unfairly“ will get all monasteries.

Why does that happen: today will turn to idea a deaf ear, and tomorrow recognize great? One of the reasons - natural maturing of public. Today judges are not ready to understand genius of the received data. And for the next day began to see clearly: here it, miracle quite available and clear. Glory to the inventor of a miracle!

Such examples pretty often meet in science and art. Mendel, Van Gogh, Copernicus, Giordano Bruno … the sad list can be continued infinitely.

And still, despite impressive names and their quantity, in our case immaturity of society - it is rather “excuse“, than telling argument. In - the first, in bigger weight advisers - at all not inventors, and in - the second, there is a set of factors of misunderstanding of people around which depend on the behavior giving. And therefore it makes sense to consider several important components of a valuable advice.

How to become the good adviser?

you Love the thoughts. be not sorry, be not greedy, but also do not impose them to people around. The spoon by a lunch is good. And it means, learn to suggest idea to a table, in due time and in the right place. It is important to be able to feel a situation. And for this purpose it is always useful to be in a quiet suspension, not to fuss.

do not distribute to councils on the left and to the right, in an occasion and without it . It is not necessary to look for recognitions, reflections of the value in others eyes. And better wait when you are asked, will address. And slightly carelessly present the precious Knowledge. And having told - forget. As they say, did good - throw it into the river.

When expressed to the point of view - do not insist on it . Let the person himself make the choice. This its right to be mistaken. By the way, its excellent decision can be not a mistake, but a find at all. Who told that my thought - the most true? To me at all not 2000 to know truth …

be not verbose . Slowly and mysteriously say the main thing. As if sansy, well or at least wise Kaa. Here - a boa it is possible to learn from this hypnotist beautifully and to speak thoughtfully. Also do not bother on details. Let the interlocutor himself will show an initiative, will ask the specifying question if really hooked on it.

the Most valuable advice - checked on itself . But not got stuck in the theory or at a skilled stage, and caused desirable benefit. Here sometimes it is possible to begin the fascinating narration with this benefit. “And you know how I managed to leave off smoking?“ If listeners became silent, so became interested. Sustain a pause and continue.

By the way, ability to hold a pause - very valuable line . Words - silver. Silence - gold. I noticed, with interest listen to those who speak a little. Ability to listen will help to wrap up the words in a form, clear for others. Besides, your interest will create the atmosphere of easy desirable communication. When the person is uttered (if, of course, phrase-mongering not of its credo), he will be free for new decisions. Here - that you will also give them.

it is good to span to remember that your thoughts - always exclusive . So unusual. Even if you invented the bicycle, it never in accuracy will correspond to a prototype. And people earn millions from details! For success of idea it is necessary to think over tactics and strategy of giving well. And, above all, to feel a spoon, a table and the eater. Here the intuition is especially good. If to learn to use it - it will never bring. And when you will wrap up it in logical knowledge - you will receive the ready answer to the concerning questions.

If the thought is stated to in writing, it is necessary to taste it some time alone. you do not hurry to spread the text that it was seen quicker and admired. Bring the creation to an ideal better. Think over as it is possible to wrap up more favourably idea in a beautiful wrapper. And then to present (in due time and in the right place) it was tasty and interesting to read. And here when the pleasure from the made work will come, then it is possible to share with other ideas safely. In this case it will not be sad or sick with

when receiving even the most categorical and spiteful criticism.