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How it is correct to order the website?

you decided to create the website on the Internet. Decided on subject, chose website type. If you want that the website was the popular visited resource and made the maximum profit, it is necessary to think over some more questions.

the Corporate style

Design of the website will turn out more harmonious if the logo, the trademark, company color and fonts is presented.

A logo - a basis of a corporate style. On the importance is on the second place after the name of the company. It allocates the owner of the website from a huge number of competitors. If there is no logo, it is better to create it in advance.

The trademark - the graphic representation distinguishing goods / service of the customer from uniform goods / services of other producers.

The choice of color is defined by activity of the company with psychological value of color.

The font is one of components of corporate identification. Existence of a company font is welcomed.

Graphic content

Graphic content: photos, illustrations, animation, video, drawings, charts.

The quantity of graphic elements should not exceed text information. If on the page only two paragraphs of the text are placed, it is enough to accompany of them with one photo. Observance of a graphic limit in design will allow to reduce time of loading of the website.

Graphic material for the website has to be unique and have the accurate image. It is desirable that photos belonged to your company, had high quality and the big size. You watch that the main details were on a contrast background.

Photos have to be attached separately in the JPEG format.

Text content

Text content: story about firm, descriptions of goods and services, thematic articles.

The story about firm - an information message about the organization or the individual. The short story about when your company, ways of development and the main activities was formed.

The description of goods on pages of the website carries out the same function, as the selling assistant in a trading floor.

This section has to contain the following information:

1) purpose of production (goods);
2) technical characteristics;
3) appearance (with the appendix of photos);
4) data on the price.

At the description of services needs to be specified:

1) purpose of service;
2) description of service and process of its granting;
3) data on the price.

Placement of thematic articles - the best way of promoting of the website. Thematic article has to bear information loading and bring benefit to visitors of your website. Influencing subconsciousness by means of the veiled advertizing, it is possible to achieve excellent results of behavioural character (growth of attendance of the website, increase in quantity of the bought goods etc.) .

Text information has to be provided in the DOC or TXT format.


Keywords or phrases - one or several words which are most precisely reflecting activity and production of the company and helping search engines to define subject of article. The initial list of keywords is made by the customer of the website since it presents to feature of the business better.

For selection of keywords it is possible to use the yandex service. ru. One article has to contain no more than five klyuchevik.

Remember, competent selection of keywords defines destiny of your website! Through search engines the main percent of visitors comes to your website.

The visitor can become your client, and clients are a profit. Advance of the website in search engines - the key to success of your business.

The wrong selection of keywords and phrases does optimization of pages of the website ineffective.