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How to mount ventilation? All want

that air in the apartment always remained pure and fresh? But how to achieve it if planning of the apartment not really successful, and the kitchen with all its aromas and a soot is in close proximity to a bedroom or the room? The decision is! To minimize distribution of kitchen smells on the apartment, it is necessary to mount ventilation only correctly.
is required to you:
- Level;
Silicone sealant - Pencil;
- Drill;
- Drill of the corresponding diameter;
- Screw-driver;
- Wires;
- Fastening for a wire;
- Socket;
- Fixing screws.
1. Remember that the ventilating box needs to be connected to electricity, and for this purpose it is necessary to lay a wire and to install the socket. You remember safety: during work it is necessary to disconnect electricity in all apartment.
2. Before starting directly installation of the device, be convinced that the switch of the fan is in situation “is switched off“ to avoid its inclusion in the moment of connection to electricity.
3. Connect a flexible air duct of the device to ventilating system of your apartment (where there is a ventilating grate). Take care of tightness of connection to avoid leak of the ventilated air, for this purpose process connections by silicone sealant.
4. Define the place of fastening of a ventilating box. For this purpose by means of level note a horizontal on a wall, apply an extract and note on a wall a pencil the place of fastening.
5. For present purposes drill openings, record a fixing level on a wall. After that twirl assembly screws. Surely check reliability of fastening of the device before use. Now attentively study the instruction of the producer and install the filter and the fan according to specified there to requirements.
6. Final stage of installation: connect an electric cable and record it on a wall by means of special fastenings. Do not forget to read attentively the instruction before connection of wires of illumination and the fan.
7. Check whether illuminations and the fan correctly work. For this purpose connect power supply and include an extract. If all of you made correctly, the extract is ready to use.
Pay attention:
Of course, than below is established ​ ​ the extract over a plate, especially a soot and a smoke it absorbs, but you should not establish it too low so the device can overheat, and the fat which collected in the filter can light up.
Useful tips:
the Extract has to correspond to the plate sizes, ideal option if it is not less its planes. Remember that for the correct work of your ventilation, it is necessary to arrange still correctly an extract over a plate. Optimum distance to a plate surface - 60 - 70 cm.