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We dream of a pearl smile in house conditions?

of Dream about snow-white smiles of the Hollywood star haunt much of us. Especially if the day before important action, business meeting or romantic appointment. So there is a wish to flash literally these words snow-white teeth, but not yellow teeth. Many of us then ask a question - how to bleach house teeth, in house conditions, without visits to the stomatologist.
For a start, let`s understand the main reasons why our teeth stop being white and begin to turn yellow. Gloss of our smile and a whiteness of teeth directly depend on a condition of our tooth enamel which is an external, protective layer of teeth. Under the influence of various factors, food, our age, the layer of tooth enamel begins gradually will become thinner, and even more often on teeth the dentine (this such yellow substance which is in our teeth) begins to appear. As experts stomatologists consider, the first sweet teeth get to a zone of risk of yellow teeth. Microbacteria, permanent residents of our mouth as well as sweet teeth, are not indifferent to it - at digestion of sweet products acid which promotes that the protective layer of teeth is corroded is emitted. The following candidates for a zone of risk of emergence of yellowness of teeth all those who indulge themselves kofey, strong tea, red wine and cigarettes get. The painting pigments of these products settle on tooth enamel, and result in yellowness of teeth. Any dyes, natural or artificial negatively influence our snow-white smile.
Is a number of folk remedies and ways which, according to grandmothers, are capable to return snow-white shine to our teeth. It is possible to try to carry out procedure of bleaching by means of ordinary and available baking soda - having just dunked a toothbrush into powder, and then having carried out the usual cleaning manipulations. Safety of soda for a human body is seemingly proved, however you should not be fond of such procedures - it is possible to injure tooth enamel and teeth will sharply react to temperature differences of food pain and unpleasant feelings.
Can also try to bleach teeth hydrogen peroxide solution. Speak, results will surpass all most courageous expectations. It is enough to rinse after ordinary procedure of toothbrushing a mouth conduit peroxide solution in the beginning, and after usual warm water. It is possible just to wipe all teeth with the tampon moistened in conduit peroxide solution. However, also you should not be fond of this procedure with special fanaticism.
Are known also bleaching properties for tooth enamel of broths from oak bark, them not obkhodimo to rinse a mouth. Besides effect of bleaching oak bark broth also strengthens our teeth. Courageous experimenters can try to bleach the turned yellow teeth by means of use of wood ashes or ordinary tablets of absorbent carbon. Softened to a powder consistence they quite can replace tooth-powder. Also, if to indulge themselves berries of strawberry and wild strawberry - yellowness will a little fade, and teeth will become more white thanks to the natural bleaching substances which contain in these berries.
Any bleaching teeth should carry out procedures in house conditions not more often than once a week. It is necessary not to do much harm to the general condition of tooth enamel.
If not one of the offered options did not help you to achieve a pearl smile and snow-white result, then, all - it is worth asking for the help experts.