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The car VAZ - is going to release new cars!

New cars of new generation. Shortly, the car of Vases is going to let out new brands of cars. What will be farther?! A new field a taiga in full restyling, the not. I think this car will be not in small demand in the markets of a car. Car VAZ - on an extent of many years does not cease to surprise us with the cars, from year to year they improve the equipment to reach world level in the markets of a car. It is rumored that perhaps cars will close VAZ as Cars Lada will cease to buy, many people already cease to buy the CAR VAZ - and some still give the love to the CAR to VAZ.

Where that in May - June are going to let out still one more new car is Lada Largus 4. Exact copy as in my opinion Logan Renault. The car will be presented at the market in three versions cargo, five-seater passenger and seven-seater passenger, and will be available to each of them both 8 - valvate, and 16 - valvate 1,6 - the liter engine. Largus`s option in a complete set “Standard“ is possible only for the five-seater versatile person: will enter it stamped 15 - inch disks, the steering column regulated on height, a safety cushion of the driver, color of a body a metallic.

At execution option “Norm“ ABS, the hydraulic booster of a steering, the central lock, forward electrowindow regulators will be added. In “Luxury“ the car will in addition receive a safety cushion of the forward passenger, fog lights, back electrowindow regulators, the central lock about DU, the electric drive and heating of external mirrors, heating of front seats, the driver`s seat with adjustment on height and the on-board computer.

The official prices of Lada Largus are not declared yet, however according to preliminary data, the prices of a novelty will begin from 340 thousand rubles. Seven-seater Largus in top execution will cost approximately 420 000 rubles. Station wagons depending on a complete set will be equipped with the driver`s seat regulated on height, the conditioner, ABS, and also a MP3 - the radio tape recorder. Besides, the car will have three-point seat belts, safety cushions of the driver and forward passenger and the Isofix system for fastening of a children`s chair.

It is rumored that shortly the CAR the Vase will have one more surprise. They are going to release the luxury SUV, they promise to surprise very much us, the basic complete set will begin from 645000 rubles. Promise to release closer by 2014 already the luxury SUV. And we everything will look forward to new developments from the CAR of VAZ what we would not go all the same by pass through a car of vases, probably there is no such person who would have no vase, it is the car which passed through everything and passes without stopping further. with 70 - x years of vases pleases and continues to please us with the cars. All of us about impatience will wait for new cars!!! I think, the aspiration to new technologies will help our friends to please us even more as they first of all think of us consumers, and in the second plan already of themselves... On we wish them good luck and prosperity!!!