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How to change the life? Five simple principles

Each of us, probably, had feeling of discontent with the life, the situation in it and by itself. Everyone though solved once: “Everything, since Monday I begin new life!“ But Monday came, and new life is not present … If nevertheless you resolved

that so should not proceed any more, so - it is wrong and unnatural if you really decided to become free, happy, successful and to change the life, to fill it with new paints, impressions, meetings and interesting people, here several simple councils founded on own experience.

1. Not to think about bad, only of good. does not know

About positive thinking presently only lazy, but it really works! And it is unimportant, you believe in it or not - power of similar thinking at least that it gives hope, and the hope gives strength to move forward. Without belief - let not in success, but at least in a possibility of success - you should not even begin. You are once again convinced that it is impossible to change anything and it is necessary to be content with what is; letting in hope the life, you leave open a window for a miracle which by all means happens to you, and then the weak spark of hope will flash a bright flame - beliefs in the forces and knowledge that everything by all means will turn out! For now: “It is only necessary to be learned to wait, it is necessary to be quiet and stubborn …“

2. To clean the concepts “Laziness“ and “Fear“ from the life. Laziness - because cannot change

the life only one power of thought, it is obvious! Changes are actions, let not always correct, not always successful - nothing, the basketball ball too sometimes fights about basket arches before falling in it. But the way to success whatever you represented it always lies through real steps and acts. And honest recognition serves as the only criterion of sufficiency of actions to itself that I made everything that depended on me.

Fear . “The long way begins with one small step“, but and we are afraid to make this first step. We are afraid of changes which will be entailed by it because each of us had an unsuccessful experience; we are afraid to lose that “back-breaking toil, without mother - the folder it is acquired“ …

Yes throw you! Unless this acquired makes you happy?! Does? What, truth? Then why you read it?! In order that all around gray became, boring and monotonous and to change it oh as there is a wish! But it is terrible because you do not know what will leave all this, and it will be suddenly even worse … And in what is acquired constancy and confidence are - let poor, but the! Here so gradually in thoughts yes doubts we will also limp to an old age, same poor, as well as past life - because it is terrible …

3. “If not I, then who?!“

This short phrase - the Declaration of acceptance of responsibility for the life and the future because nobody, except ourselves, bears responsibility for it. All circumstances, people, events which happen to us can only push us to adoption of these or those decisions, but we always have an opportunity to choose! And sometimes the choice is put by circumstances between black and white, but there is also a mass of other flowers and shades!

The choice between black and white - the choice of not free person, it is imposed from the outside, it is the choice of a bull-calf who was brought on a slaughter and suggest to choose what death to die. The free person himself decides in what colors he to paint the life, and between black and chooses white violet in a red strip. But for this purpose

needs courage … Every day, maybe, even each hour we should make the choice and to what circumstances, responsibility for each specific action, for each decision declined us, for what in our life occurs, and finally, and for our life lies only on ourselves! Perhaps, it terribly sounds, but if to think, together with responsibility for everyone, even the smallest step, for each decision, gives also huge freedom! That the only, maybe, freedom which cannot be taken away from us - the choice!

And if you do not do this choice, then do it for you ! And even if the choice is made for you, it is too your choice - to grant to someone the right to decide your destiny. But then, on what you count? What do you differ in from that bull-calf who was dragged for a string on a slaughter by the uncle daring to make decisions?

If once you like this thought, nobody is more and will never be able to impose you the will, and from an obedient bull-calf you turn into the Creator of the Life!

4. If the task is set - it has to be executed! the performance of a task Postponed once leads

to creation of precedent which you will use in increasing frequency, and gradually will appear in the same hole of which tried to get out. The movement to the purpose whatever it was is concrete steps in the chosen direction. Without doing them, you will never achieve the objectives.

Actually it is not more difficult, than, for example, to accustom itself to wash boots on arrival home - simply a matter of habit. The first few weeks it is necessary to control itself, to remind itself of it, and then you do automatically. But can yield results tremendous! Simple mathematics: if every day to do the life 1% better, then in 100 days … to

5. Any “And if …» and “And suddenly …“

We from the first flogging in the childhood are accustomed to think of consequences of the actions, and it what, often, does not allow to move forward! Representing pictures possible consequences, in half of cases we imagine a negative outcome, but it only one of possible options!

It is necessary to learn to become without - clever, i.e. to consciously ignore any arguments of reason, “only those who make absurd attempts will be able to be reached impossible“! It does not mean at all that if to you the idea of opening of own business came, it is necessary to quit the job, to send far away the chief and to run to register SP. But when the decision is made and the action plan is clear, it is impossible to listen to reason more - he made the business. Now he will only disturb. He will constantly draw pictures of failures and various negative consequences so see item 1.

And, above all, have courage to listen to the heart, eventually everything that does not suit us in life, we change to feel happy. And the condition of happiness is not argument of reason in any way … “Pathetic to be very easy for

. To be happy - more difficult and more abruptly!“ - Tom Yorke, the English fate - the musician, the vocalist and the guitarist of Radiohead group.