Rus Articles Journal

good work of

good RAOTA
to Earn one million

As last time now!

Yes you to us set a task!
That we will help out
from the sky dollars to receive! And you are small
to us help
work without being lazy
on two websites this time a little!

Did not prevent? (YES is not present that you.)

Question? Who is the best of all today? (yes how to tell.)

Yes YOU of course!!! (I, I, precisely I!!!)

Allow to advise!?? (Give drag.)

1. And it is necessary to the best to be and the administration everything to like to respect

and work and not to offend colleagues!

(HI, HI, HI, HA, HA, HA Look for the FOOL!)

2. The work should be expedited and it is conscientious.

(Yes now here I will disperse, oh and suddenly I will break!)

3. Not to argue, to attentively listen and carry out all orders of the administration.

(Well will not wait today, and in general that will manage.)

4. Not to shirk work, and it is even worse to shift it to plichidrugy.

(Only to me perhaps to plow, so not to respect itself.)

5 B collective to prove only from the good party. skolegam on work to behave validly and kindly.

(To Nadavat to them kicks yes on a bald head of clicks!)

VERSE of 4

6. Let`s not to be lazy and as it is possible to WORK better!!!

(To work, work, and it is better for

of colleagues to get drunk to disperse, the administration to send

and on doors the word..... to write a host!)


Relax, sit down on more conveniently, cover eyes, stretch, smile to

. OUCH WELL!!! Around us there is a lot of interesting - game stores, boutiques, acquaintances and money at last.

Well forward on mines!

P. S. Attention! All that now you contemplated increases working capacity twice!!?

The chief carps - at work get?

Broste all and to us go, and show the FIG to them!!!

the ODE

of Zdrastvuyte!

The chief at?

He went to management.

(Went went though would not arrive.)

And when it is?

Yes here has to approach within an hour!

(Yes horse-radish knows it when it to prepretsya!)

It is possible to wait for it or till a lunch it is useless?

Well that you wait for of course.

(Wait wait - though wipe trousers to holes.)

And I can I will leave papers and then after a lunch I will run?

As it to appear I surely will sign.

(come, I will sign yes I will chuck in horse-radish everything!)

Very well I will glance after a lunch.

(come though yesterday you will wait till morning

! OOOH and morning rubbish and to work to me not laziness laziness!

To coffee schas to enjoy yes a magazine to grind.)

VERSE of 1


Good afternoon Ivan Ivanych!!!
(Pancake was secured this it is BAREFOOT and manure stinks!!!) whether
Was who? That again paper needs to be pomorat!
Yes a goat came here and brought a pisulka.
Will wait, will know let as to respect the administration!
So naleyka to coffee yes of a plesnik konyachka!
I to me come! Let`s work
it seems time time now!!!
(Oh as there is a wish to rain kisses a merinka again!
If is as yesterday it is time to fly long ago!?!) Your work

our pleasure!?!

How are you Mister! Owner! Barin!

(What it was secured?)

Allow to pay attention to small wishes?


How you consider - whether hard workers need to respect you?

(And where to disappear with it if only to bend.)

Whether it is heavy to have them under your

the sensitive management?

(Nerazvalyatsya and hands at them will not fall off!)

And whether well and honestly they work?

(To urge on them a whip that ran run!!!)

Whether it is impossible for them though a little to facilitate a hard work?

(Already the whole day idle only

Me and are frightened.)

Whether hard workers will have a small increase to a salary?

(But that will manage in this life will not wait!)

Allow to express them at least the opinion?

(Better let they are silent yes a little porychat.)

It is possible to ask still......

(To be enough to waffle Me and air to irritate!)

If so you answered - here more

do not go

and protect health!!!

ChTOO!!! To me to rule yes not to respect me!


To stand to be silent when I ask