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Useless cosmetics. What you should not spend money for?

In aspiration to look good we are ready to get the whole arsenal of cosmetics, but despite advertizing claims, the effect of creams, masks, serums is often exaggerated, they do not influence the internal reasons causing this or that cosmetic defect.

There are, at least, six useless cosmetic face, body, hair care products.

1. Means for reduction of dark circles under eyes.

Dark circles under eyes will not be cleaned by any special cream, they can only be disguised. Happens what blue under eyes - congenital feature, she is called by the fact that blood vessels are very close located to a skin surface - and than then in this case can help “miracle cream“? If dark circles - a consequence of sleepless night, then the best means to get rid of them - it is good to sleep.

2. The rejuvenating serums.

Advertising often promises us a ready “elixir of youth“, it is worth paying the considerable sum for surprising serum with which you will look younger on the “unlimited“ number of years. A skin structure such is that any means for leaving does not get into deep layers. Some visible effect is reached due to moistening of skin. If serums really gave eternal youth, cosmetic surgeons would have no work.

3. Means for a peeling of a body.

All means for a peeling of skin of a body represent mix small natural (the crushed stones of fruit) or artificial particles with the washing gel.

The most ordinary bast gives absolutely the same peeling - effect, as well as the most expensive means for a peeling.

4. Means for fight against cellulitis. to

As it is much written that emergence of cellulitis is caused by the whole complex of the reasons connected with a hormonal exchange, food violation, low physical activity and, at last, genetic predisposition! And nevertheless millions of women continue to get a full set of cosmetics which fights not against the reason, and a consequence of this cosmetic defect. Nevertheless creams from cellulitis are capable to give some outer effect, as well as in a case with serum - the external layer of skin is humidified that does it more smooth and nice on the touch, but to completely clean “orange-peel“ not in power to any cellulitis medicine.

5. Nutritious masks for hair.

the hair Structure such is that to improve its structure without purposeful impact on bulbs which are in head skin is impossible. Masks only temporarily stick together the exfoliated scales of hair that facilitates combing. At the same time, the whipped hair will never take a healthy form only thanks to masks, in this case only one road - to the hairdresser. To considerably improve a head of hear perhaps only after elimination of the reasons causing an unhealthy type of hair.

6. Shampoos from dandruff. to

the dandruff Reason - excessive reproduction of a fungus of hairy part of head skin at violation of work of sebaceous glands therefore effect of shampoo has to be directed to destruction of a fungus, and then needs the medical shampoo which is on sale in drugstores. Shampoo from shop, as a rule, does not contain a medical component but only reduces work of sebaceous glands some.

The shining skin, silky hair, a slender, smooth body - each of us seeks to reach perfection. The fact that not to do without various cosmetics does not raise doubts also. And still you should not forget that in many respects appearance - result of our habits and a way of life, and also a health indicator. Perhaps, it is worth paying more attention to work on himself, and if necessary to address experts (dermatologists, nutritionists, cosmetologists), without hoping that cream or a mask “will create a miracle“.