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How to issue an aquarium?

Asking the question “how to issue an aquarium?“, everyone thinks of the. One mean how it is beautiful to arrange stones, to find stylish jewelry and interesting vegetation. Others are interested that needs to be got for convenient accommodation of fishes in an aquarium.

The answer for the first category of visitors is unambiguous - it is necessary to decorate the dwelling of the pets to your taste and a discretion. But it is worth not to forgetting about rules of registration of aquariums. Therefore we will tell about how to make it. Thereby we will answer a question of both those, and others.

How it is correct to issue an aquarium? What needs to be got and what it is possible to do without?

First of all the aquarium is necessary. Be defined, you need an aquarium from silicate glass (usual) or from acrylic (plexiglass). There is a natural question - in what a difference? The first at some efforts and careless handling can be broken, but it is difficult to scratch. On the contrary, it is easy to scratch the second, but it is almost impossible to break. To choose to you. I can give only one advice - if in your family there are small children, buy an acrylic aquarium.

Select engine capacity, proceeding from that how many and what inhabitants you want to get. For one small fish the small aquarium, liters on 5 suffices. But by the experience I understood that the big aquarium is easier in leaving, than small. It is easier to clean a big aquarium and water in it should be changed less often.

A cover in an aquarium - a necessary element. Pay attention to quality, the cover is not just a decor element. It is rather difficult design containing electric devices (lamps) safety as inhabitants of an aquarium, and your personal security depends on quality.

So, chose an aquarium with a cover, the compressor which will supply an aquarium with air is necessary now. One expensive compressor - it is good, but it is quite good to have in a stock of the second. In case of sudden breakage of the main compressor spare temporarily will help. You should not leave small fishes without oxygen, it can have pernicious effect on their health. Moreover, the lethal outcome is not excluded.

In order that you could control water temperature in an aquarium is necessary, the high-quality thermometer. Why the cheap option will not approach? Some small fishes are very sensitive to temperature changes of the water environment, and the low-quality thermometer can bring at the most inappropriate moment.

For easier care of an aquarium use feeding troughs for a dry and live type of forages. This simple adaptation will help you to avoid an aquarium contamination problem an uneaten forage.

Now it is possible to start also the choice of scenery for an aquarium. As scenery use different types of soil, stones, natural and artificial plants, sinks, snags, various locks, pots. Do not go too far in internal filling of an aquarium. Do not forget that, first of all, to inhabitants of the underwater world it has to be cozy and comfortable. Besides, scenery have to be only a background, a beautiful wrapper for contents. The main share of attention has to be given to inhabitants of an aquarium.

Do not forget that all internal filling, including the equipment, has to promote good health of inhabitants of an aquarium only. Therefore, resolving an issue how to issue an aquarium, do not forget about those who will live there.