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How to cook shrimps?

How to cook shrimps? For a start it is important to choose qualitative shrimps. For this purpose look at their appearance. You remember if shrimps represent the certain frozen lump, so they were defrozen and frozen again. To buy such shrimps - it is vain to spend money, and to cook them - vainly to spend time. They will be tasteless, and you do not take any pleasure from the use of this delicacy.

Qualitative shrimps cannot be bound together. Each shrimp can be in a small amount of ice (glaze). The glaze coat, the better is thinner. The more glazes - the less shrimps will remain after cooking.

Further you look at color of shrimps. You should not buy a product of a brownish, yellowish or whitish shade. Brown and yellow color can say that shrimps long lie on a counter. White color will tell you that shrimps were peremorozhena. The straightened shrimps died even before freezing. Any of these options after cooking will not be tasty.

Upon purchase pay attention to the heads. The most tasty shrimps with caviar in the head. I do not know how to explain it from the scientific point of view, but meat at such shrimps has special characteristics.

How to cook shrimps?

several ways Are. I will tell about the simply and fast.

For a start take a pan which on volume contains three times more water, than shrimps weigh. Pour slightly more than a half of a pan of water. Bring water to boiling.

Add a chicken cube (or two, depending on water volume, according to the instruction written on a cube). Not to put too much salt, carefully mix the turned-out broth and only after that add salt. Salt needs such quantity that broth was put slightly too much salt.
needs to add fennel, bell pepper and bay leaf To ready broth. Shrimps love these additives. For tenderness it is possible to add lemon juice, but it on your discretion.

After all above-mentioned is added, we wait when water begins to boil again. Accurately, not to burn, we lower in water of a shrimp.

How to cook shrimps that they were not too rigid, or too soft?

we Close a pan a cover and we wait for boiling. As soon as broth begins to boil, and shrimps will become covered with orange foam, immediately switch off a plate. If the electric stove, then remove a pan that shrimps did not continue to cook.

Council: after removal of a pan from a plate do not take out shrimps from water at once. Let`s them stand in broth not less than 5 minutes.

If interests you how to cook shrimps who were not boiled previously that is have a greenish or grayish shade, then it is necessary to do it a little differently. For cooking prepare still, as well as for preparation previously boiled (one-time - orange) shrimps. In the boiling broth lower crude shrimps. Wait for that moment when shrimps change a shade and will become uniform color. Usually color it is reddish - orange tones. Ready shrimps will emerge on a surface, crude will be under water. Wait until all shrimps emerge.

Further treat as well as shrimps who you bought already boiled, that is set aside a pan aside and wait until shrimps become impregnated with taste of broth in which they cooked.

How to cook shrimps, many know, and all have the recipe. Our friends always trust cooking of shrimps only to me. So this recipe is pleasant not to me one.

Try the shrimps welded according to my recipe. I hope, it will be pleasant to you. Appetite pleasant to you!