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How to sell goods in online store?

Being engaged in the Internet in trade, about about two years, I faced many problems. One of them is the correct positioning of goods. If the goods are exposed on the page of your website and, except the price, information minimum, then such goods is given, most likely will not be on sale.
If information on goods is given much, then the visitor of the website is lost and, most likely, will not buy. the optimum perception of information on goods, in my opinion, has to make no more than 2 minutes on viewing of the page. If during this time the visitor does not understand that you want to sell to him, then most likely he will leave the page. It is only information component.
Further, is an emotional component of the page. If the page is made beautifully, but with an overload of the text or different flowers, then the perception will be heavy. In my opinion optimum - it is 2 primary colors of the text, a white background and correctly picked up color of a background of a lining, on what the page is placed. I will give an example of the successful
page [the reference is removed]
two colors of the text, red and black, optimum a stake Here - in, information on goods, illustrated by drawings, generally, the cheerful page. At once it is clear that it is about podemnik of facades, and two at once to be evident information on the price. In my opinion, it is necessary to do pages of the website as quarrystone - that children will look through them and all of us are children in soul, we rejoice to beautiful and bright things, let only and drawn.
the Following interesting feature, beautifully made pages are pleasant to search engines, for example, Yandex issues to an ut the page on the first positions not only on Belarus, but also on Russia. I did not use spetsiyalny methods of promotions of this page, but did by rules.
B it consists a problem of promotion of online store too. For example, goods there is a lot of and to make on everyone the exclusive page - hard and demands a lot of time and forces. Creation of the website of online store the automated software - a fast method, but search engines as it seems to me, such websites do not love and you should spend
money or for a contextual advertizing, or for other methods a rasrutok.
Though the main page of the website [the reference is removed] I like not really, somehow not that, cannot achieve optimalnog perception. I will be grateful for any criticism.
the Following problem is a traffic (visit) of online store, I noticed if a traffic more than 300 people a day, then sales poorly - poorly go if less - there is nothing. Probably, this figure 300 is rather obektivny, the same Yandex offers advertizing if attendance more than 300 people.
the Main, for sale through online store is the website with a good traffic, this basic, it is a business cursor, all the rest, too it is important, it and the choice of goods and the price and
the range, but minor. To choose sphere of activity or goods, out of
of the competition, today, it seems to me, it is impossible.
can only try to enter the TOP, in leaders. It is big work.