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What to do if there is a wish to live well?

are pleasant to me one of definitions that life is an ability to expect a stream of energy and ability effectively to use this energy for own development, for emergence similar.

I do not want to argue at all with those who claim that life on Earth - the phenomenon mass. That on the way of getting of any energy competitors appear. And if the capacity of an estimated energy resource is small or a resource one and only, then collision with them is inevitable.

I agree with the statement that the best way to bypass the competitor is to use own methods of search of energy. He agrees that such approach is fair for any live system, whether it be people, society or a virus some.

With understanding I treat conclusions that any opposition with someone is inevitably reduced to fight with itself. I understand that preferable option of such fight - change of really. Even better - change of instead of fight with.

But I do not understand at all that to do - that with all this! How to me so to change that here and now was well?. Especially in Russia.

Pleases that others for certain know all this and they here so, easily, share with me the secrets of good life. And that to me it was remembered properly, smiling, bend before me fingers:

In - the first, I, as well as any organism, have to evolve. , has to and in any way differently!. If it does not occur, then inevitably I will become the narrow person with all that it implies. That is I will be forced to use power flows only of certain characteristics. In other words, I will eat only what is “given“ and not that there is a wish.

And the menu of what should be eaten every day will be more poor and more poor. And if to trust biologists, ecologists and sociologists, then not adapted closed system at change of external conditions will die the first. Besides, in other words, the world promptly changes - I closed and limited, refused evolution, prematurely stop the pathetic existence.

No, such vital scenario of the narrow person is not pleasant to me. Personally I want to live long and happily. Very long and very happily!.

Means to live well, I am simply obliged to live in a leg over time - obliged to be modern. Certainly, according to the lights and abilities. And taking into account the understanding of this term, of course … Probably, and taking into account own desires … Well, I have to try to be modern.

But, unfortunately, to get out of a narrow framework of limitation, to change tenor of life or to refuse at least habits to me rather difficult - the world considerably is ahead of me in development. I hardly - hardly am in time behind it … Or I pretend that I am in time … If it is honest, I am not in time at all.

In - the second, it appears, I should not “invent the bicycle“ in search of certain miracle recipes of good life - all already davny - long ago it is invented. to me, as well as many other, for good life it is necessary to foreknow only about the future, to manage to foresee the future, that is to create to itself a time reserve for changes and it is conscious - a strong-willed method to make the way in life in the happy future.

As it is simple! Isn`t that so?. To live well here and now, it is necessary only - to be able to count nothing options on the future, to feel the future changes and to change fast most. It is necessary to be able to worry about “straws“ in advance and not to hesitate to prevail. That`s all!

But how to make it?. How to pass between uniqueness and adaptability, without having fallen down to the bog of duplicity? How it is good to live, costing only the, having ignored others?. How, at last, to distinguish only the in variety of nationwide?

No, there will be enough at wise men neither words, nor councils, nor “fingers“ for convenience of storing to explain the knurled road fortunately to each of us. Everyone should most tread it … as it is good

I that the person has thinly feeling body capable to model world around and to trace all its evolutionary opportunities. The brain is called. It is good that the person is able to think. Is able to ask questions, to look for answers and to find them … The person is able to think!

By the way, about Russia … If someone in such most difficult habitat manages to change really, wishing to be modern, and is conscious - by a strong-willed method will begin to create the happy future, remaining the person from capital letter, then it - very much even the uncommon person.