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Thriller “Buried Alive“. Where “sellers of air“ would be useful?

can lead Inability to monitor expressions to the most unexpected consequences. As in a situation with perspective Hollywood small Ryan Reynolds to which agents suggested to replace role for a while. “In a coffin I saw your low budget inventions“, - the actor who was in time to be chatted by then in marriage with the beauty Scarlett Johansson and to fly as a part of third “Bleyd“ and “Glutton“ answered them.

In a coffin, so in a coffin, it was thought to his managers. Also they reduced it with the obscure Spaniard Rodrigo Cortes who conceived to shoot the thriller in separately taken cozy box.

The moment from the second part Tarantino`s “is memorable to many film fans to Kill Bill“. That where Uma Thurman will power and iron fingers opens of herself the way from a grave. Certainly, wonderful release of the main character is not so much connected with skill of kuna - faugh how many with a reverent attitude of the director to the actress. Thurman was rumpled, spoiled a hairdress and a make-up, but got out in this world. In life it everything is far more serious. And Cortes wanted to remove it seems as the vital thriller. What, it seems as, also made.

… The American Paule Conra arrived to unfriendly Iraq with humanitarian mission. At least, so it seemed to it. Simple vodily employed it to restore what was razed earlier to the ground by his compatriots. The weapon it is not necessary to the driver, he is not a soldier, but for locals be it though with a red cross on a forehead, Conra still the enemy. Invader. And potential means of a profit.

Having regained consciousness in a close wooden box, Paule finds in a pocket Zippo lighter, and on a floor - the mobile phone. The last that he remembers - their escort was attacked by local separatists, however who and why drove in the poor creature and filled up with a sand? Having passed in turn stages of panic horror, a hysterics and hatred, Conra realizes all grief of the situation and begins to keep ringing to everyone, since the wife and service 911 and graduating from FBI.

Phone in a grave just like that is not put, Paule logically argues. It appears, its slow fading from asthma has to bring someone benefit. Soon also the owner of the mobile phone demanding from Konroya of 5 million money buried alive appears. Unfortunate and would not refuse such sum, but, alas, his life costs much less. And the government of the far homeland does not conduct negotiations with terrorists. Here also the guy should take a steam bath in a stuffy coffin waiting for two possible outcomes, each of which, anyway, the inventor That still this Cortes will finish his sufferings … with

. No, at cinema attempts to limit vital space of heroes to the maximum were made earlier. Action of other pictures happens in one apartment or even the room, but in a coffin? It is no wonder that the idea of the screenwriter Chris Starlinga was appreciated in the homeland of the movie, in Spain where the tape got a prize Goya (a national Spanish film award) for the best original scenario, and also a sound and installation. It is interesting that in the same 2010 British Danny Boyle published the similar drama “127 hours“ about misadventures of the unlucky tourist who got to a stone trap. Both movies were highly appreciated by critics and the audience and not bad earned in hire. The question is in whether it is deserved? And if to Danny Boyle there are no special claims especially as his history was written off from real events, then to Cortes`s invention they are available.

Clear business, “Buried alive“ does not differ in a variety of the picture and staginess. For all movie the surface will never be shown. Creators of the movie refused all flashbacks and images, having offered audiences the one and a half hour reporting from a wooden box honor in real time. The solo performance is developed by the light of a lighter of easily recognizable Zippo brand and the shining BlackBerry mobile phone screen. No wonder that by the end of shootings (17 days in Barcelona) Ryan Reynolds rather got a bit tired in proud loneliness to read the scenario on the cell phone. All other actors were marked out in a shot only by voices.

In spite of the fact that the realism allegedly prt from all cracks, authors nevertheless podrikhtovat some details to please to a plan, having lost a plausibility thread. It and the careful thief who refilled balance of the mobile phone that our hero could talk freely in roaming to the wife, work and FBI agents. It and the trouble-free lighter which is surely burning oxygen in a close coffin with great strides that for some reason disturbs Paul Konroya least of all. And the principle of extortion of “millions of money“ from the American government is represented not well adjusted business, and the act of despair because if nobody ever paid anybody repayment, then why the hell to play this comedy with burial. Whether it is simpler to put the gun to a temple and to achieve the same result for smaller time and more avaricious means?

All these questions, though turn in the head during viewing, do not prevent us to empathize sincerely the slogger Paul who got to “the constrained circumstances“. And there is also nobody to sympathize more. All characters on other end of a tube are schematically traced bastards. Bureaucrats, idlers, overcautious persons and other officials. On this very spot the thriller about a survival unexpectedly brings to life socially - political implication about difficulties of life of the ordinary citizens of the USA thrown by the disgusting government on an embrasure of the next resource war. Cortes, however, especially did not begin to develop this message, having limited to slippery hints on cynicism of the civil servants and fighters ready to erase the person only because it spoils them statistics.

We will not palter. Paul Konroya`s destiny is predictably sad. There was even especially meticulous audience who counted exact amount of oxygen in a coffin. What leaves that authors allowed to the hero even more time, than he really was able to afford. For some reason many are jarred on by the fact that Paule Conra, the infection, does not die in any way, and continues to receive calls on the mobile phone whose battery also shows endurance miracles. And still we will forgive to authors some omissions in physics of process because not on it they focused attention of the viewer.

Ryan Reynolds is the good fellow. To panic an hour and a half one person and to hate the whole world at it it turned out. The operator in every possible way managed to diversify the picture, showing the lost hero`s look, his crooked legs, weather-beaten lips. I.e. squeezing out of the closed space at most of an action. Not everywhere, in my opinion, it turned out, in places the picture sags in thoughtful meditation, as if giving to the viewer the chance to take rest and comprehend the events on an equal basis with the hero. And as there is actually, nothing to comprehend, it is necessary only to peer tensely into darkness and to wait when tortures of the character end.

It is a pity only that Cortes could not be determined by the course that he removes: whether the psychological drama of the little person, whether the politized thriller. Manual did not turn out. And semantic loading of sufferings of Paul Konroya is reduced to all-consuming zero. And zero, though multiplied by diligence and eagerness all the same by zero will also remain.