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How to prepare the seeds of a castor-bean tree?

the Castor-bean tree (ritsinus) by right are considered one of the most beautiful ornamental plants - odnoletnik and is very widely applied to decoration of seasonal dachas. But that is simple to grow up it not so-.

That the castor-bean tree grew healthy, high and amazingly beautiful - it is very important to use qualitative seeds for crops. I solved all problems with sowing material of a castor-bean tree very simply - I prepare seeds independently.

In the middle of the summer the fine castor-bean tree gains strength, widely scatters the powerful decorative leaves and throws out huge and very beautiful tsvetonosa. Sometimes they are size to meter!

At this particular time I choose two most tall and beautiful plants which are most corresponding to all signs of an original grade (color and a form of leaves and tsvetonos, a bush structure, etc.) . Seeds from these bushes of a castor-bean tree will also be collected in the fall.

At the end of August - the beginning of September the castor-bean tree reaches top of the magnificence! And on the very first tsvetonosa already formed seed boxes begin to dry up. Them is that I and I collect from the seeds of plants chosen for receiving and I display in the aired kladovochka for drying.

If the first autumn frosts come earlier, than the necessary number of seed boxes is collected, are it does not matter. In this case secateurs I cut off two most ripened tsvetonos. The seeds which are in them are already quite suitable for use.

Half I transport the seed material of a castor-bean tree which dried up at the dacha home and I place for further drying where - nibud in tenek on a loggia. And only in November - December when all gardening affairs are already finished, and free time increases, I start extraction of seeds.

By this time all seed boxes dry so that at a razminaniye are just scattered by hands on pieces. It is very simple to take out seeds. Directly hands I break each box and I take 2 - 3 kernels reminding haricot. It is necessary to work in gloves because it is possible to wound hands with small thorns - prickles which covered testicles.

This simple work cannot be done at all in the presence of children as poisoning with the proteinaceous toxin ricin which is contained in these seeds nice and harmless by sight can lead to the most catastrophic consequences. The lethal dose for the adult makes 20 kernels, and for the child - only 6 pieces!

Collected seeds of a castor-bean tree need to be stored far away from foodstuff and it is impossible to leave unguarded for a minute. Will not prevent to hide in general them where - nibud under the lock. Observing these elementary security measures, it is possible to get rid of big problems.

Viability at collected seeds excellent, close to 100 percent. They are stored, without losing quality, 4 years (I checked it) or maybe longer! Well, and by quantity of seeds of restrictions any is not present therefore I prepare them always with a large supply and generously I share with numerous friends and familiar gardeners - fans!

The magnificent castor-bean tree of it deserves fully!