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How to receive a good harvest at the dacha without any chemistry?

Now the range of the market of various chemical means for a cultivation process intensification sadovo - garden cultures is simply huge. There are preparations for processing of seeds, stimulation of shoots, infructescence improvement, for pest control... and so on, almost indefinitely!

Therefore before each gardener there is a question: and whether it is necessary to use to please increases of a harvest and simplification of an agrotechnology means which are often not so harmless how it seems at first sight? Especially it is important when you grow up fruit and vegetables for the family, children and grandsons. Everyone solves for himself this problem independently.

I, for example, davny - took long ago for the kitchen garden for norm - not to apply neither to productivity increase, nor to pest control and diseases of various plants any chemical means. Especially, I do not grow up also genetically modified plants (the remote negative consequences of use of these technologies are very little studied). But I try to use independently grown up seeds of garden cultures firmly to be sure of their quality.

Many producers of fertilizers and other chemistry like to frighten the people by the future hunger. In my opinion, it is not true in any way. On the contrary, at observance of some simple rules of cultivation of garden and garden cultures refusal of any chemistry does not prevent to receive record harvests at all. In any case - on a small country kitchen garden.

In - the first, it is very important to choose annually correctly of the place for cultivation of plants , considering at the same time what predecessors were, i.e. to observe a necessary crop rotation between cultures. Thereby the food chain of many wreckers is broken off, causative agents of diseases stop the activity too that revitalizes at once all seasonal dacha. Besides, the plants placed after cultures, compatible to them, receive enough nutrients, grow strong, strong and possess more powerful internal resources for protection themselves from any misfortunes.

In - the second in order that at an intensive use the soil was not exhausted, need to be supported constantly it in a good shape by regular introduction of organic fertilizers , and if necessary - sand and ashes. Autumn introduction of humus, liquid top dressing during a season of vegetation all will give necessary for food for plants on a kitchen garden. And sand, ashes, a constant mulchirovaniye and siderata will improve both structure, and structure of the soil. At the same time, receiving excellent harvests, it is possible not only not to exhaust the earth, and on the contrary, it is better and better to do it every year.

In - the third, never should hurry to apply strong chemical preparations in case of invasion of wreckers. It is better to lose part of a harvest, but to keep its qualitative, than to poison a message a harvest and the soil in addition for several years ahead. For example, I only in a case when wreckers or diseases threaten with very serious loss of a harvest (to 25 percent) in general I begin to fight with them, and that at the same time I apply only well-known natural folk remedies and methods which do not concede by efficiency to influence of chemical preparations.

Already there are a lot of years, at scrupulous observance of the first two rules, I should apply the last very seldom. But the harvest of both fruits, and berries, and vegetables always turns out environmentally friendly and very tasty. Even guests at me eat ordinary turnip and a swede with pleasure! Because all vegetables tasty and environmentally friendly.