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City crows. How to treat them?

my house in St. Petersburg - a five-floor hrushchyoba - was built 60 at the end - x. New residents organized collective community work days on gardening of the territory around the house. Now, forty years later, trees grew also stocky a house was lost in the variegated grove surrounding it.

Tops of trees were adapted for the housing by city crows. Every morning I woke up under their amicable croak and thought: “Well what to you is not slept? Really you do not understand that in the morning people want to have a sleep a little longer!“ Carrion crows of a nest especially sadly looked on trees during the winter period, directing at sad thoughts about caducity of life …

A little biology

City, or a gray crow (Corvus cornix ) belongs to Vranov` family, group Vorobyinoobraznykh. Birds have a gray trunk; the head, a breast, wings and a tail - black with bluish metal outflow. Eyes are dark, a beak and legs black. Young individuals have a brown raid and blue eyes. Birds move big steps on the ground, in case of danger begin to jump. Life expectancy - 20 years.

Crows have very rich language of communication. We got used to hear only croak, but it has many shades and intonations. For example, males make special sounds when look after a female. For communication with young growth specific sounds are used. Crows have special signals of danger or alarm. When birds swear among themselves, they use special “language“. If it is necessary to gather quickly in one pack, several birds make the same sound in unison. It for the loudness that all members of team heard that the general collecting is declared.

Crows build new nests in the spring, very often they renew old, remained from last year. For construction any material is used: branches, wire, metal hangers for clothes, wool, a dry grass, rags. The nest is a joint product of work of a male and female. When the nest is ready, the female lays 4 - 5 eggs zelenovato there - bluish color.

of Feature of city life of crows

Habitat of gray crows - the big and small cities. In difficult conditions only those animals who adapted to them survive. If you had to watch crows, then the first feature which is evident in their behavior - it is lack of fearfulness, the weighed care and judiciousness. Birds attentively observe who goes: the child, the woman with a bag from shop or the noisy company of teenagers from which do not wait for good. Depending on a situation, they or quietly observe, or depart. It is characteristic feature of behavior for city crows - to estimate a situation and to make the decision.

Crows are practically not afraid of people, dogs and cats. Once, walking in the autumn park, I observed such picture: in a small pole on lots of the fallen-down foliage the small homeless doggie was arranged on rest. But she was not lucky. As soon as the doggie settled more conveniently, the harmful crow came from backs, pinched her for a tail and quickly jumped aside. The doggie began to squeal, but without having found anybody, again settled. The crow repeated this trick again. When I approached closer, the crow just in case departed far away, but I banished “the importunate lover to joke“.

Courage and aggression of crows grows with increase in the size of pack. At any danger in one pack about 30 - 40 birds can gather. Crows can commit collective assaults on large animals, for example, against cats or dogs. Being in pack, crows very attentively watch behavior of the neighbors. If for any reasons “the alarm was sounded by one bird“, then the others begin to worry at once. It helps them to avoid any danger. Food

Crows eat with

practically everything. For example, if the bird found a bread crust, she will never peck dry bread, and will find a pool that to soak a crust, and then with appetite to swallow.

Crows, trading where it is only possible, reached unprecedented virtuosity in unpacking of kulechok and boxes. Any crow can develop a candy candy wrapper, without having damaged it, to open a bag in which there is something edible, to open a matchbox a paw if something interested her.

Birds very quickly adapt to life in the city: find and remember places where it is possible to get hold of food, try new products and develop various receptions that “to get a daily bread“.

For example, in 70 - 80 - x years began to let out milk and kefir in triangular packages. Some bright crows took seat on a branch of trees and waited when they in shop deliver dairy production. When there came the car and unloading began, the most courageous were quick to grasp a bag for a tail and were quickly washed away...

of Ability

After carrying out a number of scientific experiments with crows scientists found out that they are capable to define sequence of events, to form difficult reflexes of several signals. Ornithologists believe that birds are capable to solve also simple logical problems. They have a mutual imitation and training in difficult behavior.

Crows truly define value of signals of the traffic light: at red they fearlessly select corpses of the killed of animals on the highway, and at green depart away. They perfectly know: if in hands of the person the gun or a stick - it is dangerous.

Clever birds are able and to have a good time on the of manners. Somehow my acquaintance was the witness of such game. One crow flew up up and dropped a subject which she had in a beak, another caught it meters in twenty from the earth and fast flew up to repeat an entertainment for the friend.

The crows living near a tennis court found for themselves the following entertainment. Somehow the tennis ball flew on a flat roof of a locker room, birds began to drive hazardously a beak a ball on all roof. Game continued until the ball did not fall to the ground.

One more curious history. In 1985 repair of domes of churches of the Moscow Kremlin was made. The crows living there chose them to ride … They fly up to tops of domes and, having sat down on paws, roll down down to the widest part, then spread wings and rise up.

Baby birds of crows are very easily tamed and quickly increase the intelligence at communication with the owner. A bird it is possible to teach many tricks to bring, for example, a spoon to a table, to take off a hat from the guest. But the owner of a domestic crow should be all the time on the alert and it is good to hide valuable things as everything that shines, will be stolen by a crow and it is hidden reliably in her hiding places.

When I come to St. Petersburg after a long break, with pleasure I watch on “to carrion crows a slobodka“ near the old house. And it one of sights of the dormitory area where I lived!

Without these birds life in the city would be absolutely boring.