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How to pick up to itself a bathing suit?

As soon as begin to burn the summer sun, each girl wants to get out to the sandy beach at once, to plunge into the cool blue sea, to enjoy warm beams of the sun and to receive good intensive suntan. And here - that comes thought of at once whether there is in your clothes such necessary and it is desirable a fashionable accessory how a bathing suit?

What bathing suit to buy? And what bathing suits will suit you? These questions have to concern with

each girl caring for the beauty and appeal. Men in the majority are visual therefore the choice of a bathing suit is important if the girl wants to submit men and to be always sexual and sexy. Once the closed bathing suits became fashionable and enjoyed wide popularity at girls. But the closed (conjoint) models were succeeded by open type of a bathing suit. Now upon purchase of this accessory you reflect and what will suit you?

The choice, of course, depends on the woman`s figure - not everyone is able to afford too open bathing suit which in general can represent a set of strings. In many respects the choice depends on build of the woman: too small or on the contrary too big breast, wide sides or well expressed waist, - the defining characteristics for the choice of the correct bathing suit. It is a little girls who are happy with the figure for hundred percent, but it is much bigger those which hesitate of the appearance and are not always ready to bare the problem places. And whether you thought that even without having proportions 90 - 60 - 90 it is possible to feel interesting and attractive to men? Confidence - here criterion for evaluation of your appeal and therefore it is necessary to make correctly a choice of a bathing suit and will stop on such type, a form and color which will make you the self-assured woman.

The closed type of a bathing suit is convenient for swimming, and advantage of opened - an opportunity to sunbathe and poblistat the delights. The closed bathing suit should be chosen as that to whom is what to hide. But I speak not about complexes which pursue many, and about places which should be hidden (scars, burns, injuries). For the rest the choice is not limited, but several councils everything are exist if there is a wish to look best of all.

An ideal bathing suit - a secret of your success!

So for little girls is advised to choose the closed bathing suits with a vertical pattern, thereby visually increasing growth. It is worth avoiding shorts as they even more visually shorten legs. The closed bathing suit with cut on hips to a waist will help to extend your legs, but to track the main thing that buttocks were surely closed. If too wide hips, then this shortcoming too easily disappears. For this purpose it is necessary to stop the choice on a bathing suit with the bright accenting attention to breasts astride. And you should not put on a corbel at all, emphasizing the waist. It is better to choose a short skirt which will add balance in proportions.
of the Girl which the nature did not award with a magnificent breast often make a mistake, having chosen a bathing suit of sports type or repeating after girlfriends, putting on a brassiere with thin shoulder-straps, placing emphasis on a small breast. The small breast is not a damnation, it can be hidden successfully, having emphasized other parts of a body. The bathing suit without shoulder-straps and with the condensed cups is ideally suited. It will be also fine to look a bathing suit with lighter top allocated with various drawings, ruches, patterns, folds as visually they will increase a breast. The sports bathing suit fitting already small breast will become the worst decision, of course.

For women with a big breast, I will advise essentially other form of a bathing suit. The woman with a big breast should present correctly herself, the delights which are falling out of a brassiere often can push away, but not attract the man. The bathing suit should be bought with good support: wide shoulder-straps, cups on stones (at all not blinds) from dense and elastic matter. The top has to be dark, without the large and attracting attention drawings. If the breast which drooped that a push bra - up hides this shortcoming. If at you on the contrary the raised breast the best option is a bathing suit with deep cut of various styles.

For stout women or that who cannot brag of “aspen“ of a waist the conjoint bathing suit with the inserts compressing a stomach with a relief pattern on each side or diagonal lines will become the good choice. The pattern has to be small and is executed in the style which is bent on a waist. One more original and happy fashionable decision - a thong, as though specially created for underlining of your waist. With the shorts overestimated or underestimated up to a waist it is necessary to refuse bikini. If you want to hide the tummy, the bathing suit which is dragging away a figure in a waist is also desirable. Various relief drawings and deep decolletes will help to translate attention of people around to more attractive places. The main thing - in everything to know when to stop, both too bright patterns and too big cuts will only damage the provision. Bathing suits with gloss which will only emphasize the acting places are undesirable. it is much easier for
to choose the Bottom at an open bathing suit, than top. Here all is simple! If a good bottom, easily choose thongs if is not present, then buy a form of usual shorts or shorts.

Do not miss color of a bathing suit from attention. Too light bathing suit at a namokaniye loses the color. Therefore upon purchase of an accessory check it on light and look at its transparency. Do not forget also about quality of painting: rub where - nibud with edge and you learn whether it can burn out on light or lose color after washing. Dark and black colors will not suit girls with light type of skin. Therefore in the beginning summer it is necessary to carry light colors, and at the end when you gain solar suntan it is possible to experiment also with dark shades. Also after suntan there is a trace, not sunbathed skin. Choosing a bathing suit, consider also this moment. Also you remember, girls that buying a bathing suit, not always trust sellers. Their task - to sell goods, and yours - to buy ideal option. Therefore these councils have to help you to make a right choice.