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All know about harm of smoking

that smoking - it is bad, but not whom it does not stop. Here say “Yes I already smoke years 15 and nothing happens to me, I am ill nothing“ though people do not even suspect that happens at them in an organism. The organism, of course, resists and turns out that with health, it seems, as everything is normal and nothing hurts the person. But water sharpens a stone...
What is a tobacco smoke? It is a usual fine dust. And people inhale this dust in themselves, but the most part of a smoke exhausts, but in a year there pass about 800 grams of tar.
Smoking influences health very strongly, especially heart and vessels, lungs become soiled.
Nicotine, influencing nervous system, activates work of a number of endocrine glands. Then the excess amount of biologically active hormones which narrow the arteries supplying with blood heart, a liver, kidneys is thrown out blood. People who try to begin to smoke a cigarette do not neutralize a stress, and aggravate it. Additional loading falls upon heart of the smoker: to a portion of hormone of adrenaline, the new portion of the same hormone under the influence of nicotine is added. And here after smoking heart speeds up the work on 10 - 15 beats per minute.
Nicotine in an oral cavity irritates the terminations of nerves. From - for it gums become friable, enamel is damaged, the probability of a disease of caries increases.
I together with a tobacco smoke gets to an organism also carbon monoxide. Also at smokers deterioration in sight is observed.
From - for smoking arise gastritises, stomach ulcer and cancer. Most often people die from - for cancer. With a cigarette smoke the substances having sharply expressed cancerogenic effect, tobacco pitch, radioactive polonium, benzpyrene get to an organism. 90% of suffering from cancer lungs - heavy smokers.
Those people who smoke reduce to themselves life by 2 - 10 years. To you will awfully carry if you die suddenly of heart attack, but not tormently of lung cancer. But to you will even more carry if you do not smoke and in the life you will not use this nicotine.
Though many people understand that smoking it is very dangerous and it is bad for the person and his organism, but all the same people continue to smoke. About 25% of smokers die from - for cigarettes. And many of this number could preserve and prolong the life on 10,20 or even 30 years if did not use nicotine. On the example of some countries became already habitual and and long ago, it was proved that the cigarette is causal death or some or diseases.
is smoked Presently not only by men but also women, they want to attract to themselves attention, to show that it abrupt, and can be free, does that she wants. But at the sight of the girl who smokes it looks not beautifully.
If the woman smoke a day about 10 cigarettes that it can remain fruitless twice more often than not the smoker. In a female organism all harmful substances from a tobacco smoke are kept by an ovum.
the Modern youth begins to try nicotine in years 10 - 12, from - for it a big half having conceived a liking for this occupation, continues to smoke.