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the horse - meaning of life of

of the Horse is not just like that, it is meaning of life. In them beautiful all - beauty, charm, nobility, devotion, grace, force. Receives a heap of positive energy for all day which gives a charge of cheerfulness and good mood from communication with horses of people. To get a horse - dream of many, and some are even fond of them. Even among pets the horse holds a specific place: any another four-footed, even a dog, did not receive such quantity of verses and stories. In general they appeared to the person. There are many horses different from each other, for example: color, sizes, temper and article. Horses are totaled by only seven types. The most known is a domestic horse, all other 6 types are wild. All representatives are vegetarians, got used to high-speed run. They have long legs with well developed middle finger of foot in the form of a hoof, a neck - long, the head has quite extended form. The lower and top cutters skusyvat plants, and chew strong molars. The horse is herbivorous.
In general very few people think of what happens to a horse when they grow old and become disabled. It is good if the loving owner is ready to support the pet both in a grief, and in pleasure, and in youth, and in old age. However not always the owner can provide needs of the old man. It not only is difficult, but also a lot of pocket money leaves. A horse - a large animal, and costs of it big, than on pets in the form of a cat or a dog. you Want to learn
how many to your horse of years, it is possible to count her teeth. Determine age by them. The average weight of the head makes 11. 84 pounds, and heart make 10 pounds. The horse can drink 10 gallons of water a day. They have a monocular sight and they can see two various images at once. Horses I can sometimes sleep standing.
Sometimes in appearance quiet horses absolutely suddenly show aggression - bite, rear, “kids“, drive the person into the corner. Such behavior happens very importunate and can be life-threatening the equestrian. And meanwhile aggression at a horse does not happen without the reason.
the First rule which needs to be known if you decided to buy a horse is a huge responsibility! 25 - 30 years - normal life expectancy of a horse, and all this time the considerable part of your life, forces and means will be devoted to it.
and that who wants to ride a horse, it needs to get acquainted with it because they with the characters for a start.
Development of a horse began 60 million years ago in Africa from where these animals and extended then. In America they died out about eight thousand years ago.
of the Horse happen various colors. Colors four main derivatives.
Black - the head, a trunk, extremities, a mane, a tail.
Bay - the head and a trunk - brown, and a mane, a tail and extremities black or almost black.
Red - the head, a trunk and extremities - red; the mane and a tail of the same color, but can be lighter or are more dark.
Grey - special color. Horses of this color are born darkly - gray, almost black.
reaches the Horse 20 - 25 years and more, pregnancy lasts 11 months, the foal is born the sighted person and in a few minutes is already able to stand and go.