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How to define quality of honey?

Honey are a well of vitamins and mineral elements. Thanks to it honey - very useful delicacy. Scope of honey is quite various. Honey is applied at prevention and treatment of various diseases, as a part of cosmetics, at preparation of various dishes.

It is difficult to find the house in which there would be no this product. A difference only in one: somewhere honey real, and somewhere bought artificial substitute.

How to choose the “correct“ honey? How to define quality of honey?

Let`s try to understand together. Better, of course, already at the choice of honey to understand its quality. It is possible to check quality of honey by means of an ordinary spoon. This way is good when checking honey in a warm season, or in the apartment as honey has to be warm.

In case honey cold, heat it to room temperature. If to gather honey on a spoon, when carrying out rotary motions a spoon, honey will be reeled up as if on it. If to try to shake honey from a spoon, then it will not flow down everything, and will remain on it. The real honey represents the weight having a viscous consistence.

The honey gathered on a spoon flows down in bank evenly, not drops, but a thin stream (thread). At a rupture of a thread honey falls by a surface a small hill which will gradually merge with other honey. The forged honey can drip, and will flow down from a spoon quickly enough.

If before you the become candied honey then to understand, natural it or artificial, even more simply. Put a small amount of honey on a wrist (there where pulse is usually measured), rub honey in skin. If honey real - it turns into homogeneous mass of white color. If on skin there are non-uniform particles, then can not doubt - you got low-quality honey.

When heating honey it is possible to understand its quality also. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for use upon purchase. But in house conditions to define quality of honey will also not prevent. Especially, if it was not succeeded to make it at the time of acquisition. Why to spend time for use of a fake? Knowing how to define quality of honey, you will relieve yourself of the use of a useless product.

Quality of honey reflects its density. The it is higher, the quality of a product is better. Whether it is possible to determine honey density in house conditions? Of course, it is possible. Take the distilled water, heat it to temperature of 28 - 30 degrees. Add a small amount of honey to water and carefully stir. If mechanical impurity appear much, then density of honey is rather small. The less parts will float in water, the honey density is higher.

Sometimes for increase in weight and volume of a product the irresponsible sellers pursuing profit add starch, flour or sugar. How to define quality of honey? Whether there is in it no impurity of flour, sugar and starch? For check it is necessary to get lyapis - crystal salt of nitrate silver. Unfortunately, it is easy to find it not so - that. Generally old stocks help.

How to define quality of honey by means of a lyapis? We do honey solution. For this purpose we take nine parts of water and one part of honey. Properly we mix. If at addition of a lyapis the deposit of white color is formed, then it is possible to draw a conclusion that sugar is added. Having added iodine to the honey divorced water, it is possible to define whether added flour and starch to honey. Mix turned blue - additives are present at honey.

As still it is possible to define quality of honey:

- if to add honey to tea, then it will darken, but you will not see a deposit;

- in the course of storage the real honey can become more dense and dark, can become candied over time;

- lower a bread piece in honey if it is softened or will soften - before you a fake;

Also you remember that it is impossible to determine quality of honey by color as also at everyone the color is a lot of types of honey.