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How alcohol influences a human body?

All know that alcohol does not bring benefit to an organism, moreover, does it essential harm. Surprisingly, but the question as alcohol influences a human body, began to interest people relatively recently.

We know that harmfully to take alcohol, but all the same we do not stop drinking. Why does that happen? In total because, that we confuse loss of control over ourselves and relaxation. Drinking one liqueur glass of cognac, we experience really relaxation. But very few people can stop on this dose.

The more the person uses alcohol, the more he loses control over a situation. Such tradition in our country that any holiday, any feast, irrespective of an occasion does not do without alcohol. We drink on pleasures, we drink from a grief, we drink when it is boring … We do not think at all of the fact that we harm the organism.

As alcohol influences a human body? Perhaps, it is already time for to find other pleasure or everything is not as terrible as it seems? We will not go deep into details, we will tell only of the main thing.

How acceptance of alcoholic beverages influences a brain of the person? Impact of alcohol on a brain is irreversible

. As a result of continuous use of alcohol nervous cages collapse. Researches showed that at the person drinking alcoholic beverages daily cogitative activity is broken and memory worsens.

It is proved that the use of alcohol does thinking sample. At first events which took place recently are forgotten; if to continue to drink, then from memory also the facts which strengthened in consciousness are erased.

How alcohol influences heart?

Getting to blood, alcohol spreads on all systems and bodies. No more than 10% of alcohol are in pure form removed, all the rest is oxidized inside. The frequent use of alcoholic beverages including beer, leads to violations in work warmly - vascular system. As a result heart rate increases, arrhythmia and increase of pressure are possible.

Alcohol and a liver to

of Missile defense of their “relationship“ knows to all. Cirrhosis - a disease, which adult population, very famous for all representatives. In a liver there is an oxidation of bulk of ethanol. At first ethanol turns into ethyl aldehyde, further the last turns into acetic acid. Acetic acid here, in a liver, is split on water and carbon dioxide, then removed from an organism.

Under the influence of products of disintegration of ethyl alcohol of a cell of a liver perish, and on their place the hem is formed. Subsequently in a liver there can be a rupture of vessels that leads to bleeding. WHO data (World Health Organization) say that more than 80% of diseases of cirrhosis lead to a lethal outcome.

We will not speak about serious alcoholic dependence. We observe a clinical picture of this illness on the street, in the yard, on the TV day by day. The alcoholic in a family are a tragedy. Unfortunately, in recent years beer alcoholism even more often meets. Is not enough what alcoholic using daily one - two jars of beer, recognizes himself as the alcoholic. I do not think that if they knew how alcohol influences a human body, they would continue to drink. People from category of “beer alcoholics“ still can help themselves. Our task - to help them to realize that beer - the same alcohol which use leads to the same unfavourable consequences.

What amount of alcohol can lead to irreparable consequences? the Conducted researches showed

: if the person drinks more than 1. 2 l of vodka, in 10-40 hours can come a lethal outcome. Those who entered this dose into themselves gradually, with small breaks have a small hope for rescue.

Being going to drink the next liqueur glass of alcohol, reflect! If you do not value the life, think of people close to you!