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Alzheimer`s disease... How to be? The First time you hear

about this illness? Slava Vsevyshnemu! However the shred of knowledge of it is useful. If earlier the first signs appeared at people in 60 - 70 - summer age, then already at 50 - summer find weak-mindedness - dementia. The illness looks younger.

A brain - gentle nervous tissue, it is necessary to protect it from destroyers and poisons: stresses, alcohol, narcotic, psychotropic drugs. At Alzheimer`s disease of a cell of a brain will atrophy and die off “packs“. I had to face an illness quite close.

At first the illness proceeds imperceptibly: the person behaves in a queer way, sometimes forgets what occurred yesterday, but well remembers that it was in the childhood. However there comes the critical moment, as a rule against a stressful situation when the problem becomes obvious: the person loses touch with the outside world, ceases to recognize the closest, it is pursued by manias. There are aggravation periods when patients become intolerable. Terribly, irreparably, but it is necessary to adapt. And in our power to cope with it. Everyone solves on a situation, but I think that the nursing home for parents is not the most worthy way out. My councils helped friends to care for elderly relatives without special problems.

There is no Alzheimer`s disease medicine. As there is no consensus concerning the reason of this phenomenon at scientists and physicians. But, to understand a problem essence, it is necessary to find a source or a point of support. It is known that from the middle of the last century began to register the growing number of the diseased. The problem was investigated and there was a hypothesis explaining emergence of an illness with surplus of contact with metals, mainly with aluminum, lead and iron as the most widespread in the industry and in life. Metals, collecting for years in an organism, destroy brain tissues. Let`s not discuss a hypothesis within article, but in a family we assumed it as a basis. Found ways of prevention of an illness and developed the principles of adaptation to a situation which I am ready with you, dear readers, to share.

it is always possible to agree With the unreasonable person

Absolutely senselessly to overpersuade or prove the case. Not to abuse at all - to smile, praise and assent more often. When there is a mania - here not poorly distracting maneuver to recustomize attention to positive emotions: on pleasant memories, on movies, art albums, photos, music. Then the person calms down and becomes balanced. Women can many - offer to try on many times “new thing“ from the last century with which pleasant events are connected. Orgmera`s

for public tranquility

When the person will cease to identify himself with himself, it is better to remove phones to the inaccessible place. The room of the patient has to be equipped with such lock that it was locked only outside - on sale there are reliable locks of the Russian production.

For safety of the patient

From the room should clean mirrors, sharp, fragile, glass heavy objects, flowers vases and pots, lighters, small objects that the patient could not put himself a mutilation. The window should be equipped with a lattice. If it is impossible, it should not open widely - only for airing. It is better to clean any locks bathrooms.

Several words about food

Even if you do not trust a hypothesis of influence of metals on a brain, nevertheless it will be better to reduce for the patient a share of products with a large amount of salts of iron and other metals in case there is no anemia. Apply vitamin complexes, preferring vitamins of group B - they support nervous system and a brain. Give preference to the simple live food which is not processed in the industrial way. Handle with hot and salty dishes with care - they excite, lead to strengthening of appetite and to hypostases. You should not be fond of rye bread. Rye is struck with an ergot - it is poison for nervous system and mentality: nervous regulation is broken, there are spasms of smooth muscles, there are mental disorders. Transition to the correct principles of food, as a rule, does not make a problem.

Alzheimer`s disease, quickly or slowly, will progress and if to use the provided recipes or to find the, then the coexistence with the close sick person can be quite comfortable and the decline of his life will be safe.

In case of adverse heredity take care of yourself, considering the previous recommendations. In addition, any more not a secret: what is not used will gradually atrophy. It concerns not only muscular, but also nervous tissue, cells of a brain. Therefore it is important to be active not only physically: carry out exercises on development of memory, observation, be engaged in the analysis, draw the conclusions other than standard, be not afraid to be mistaken. By the way, passive entertainments do not give food for mind. Find a hobby, do favorite thing, you learn verses, languages, songs, dances, put performances. Go in for numerology, astrology - it trains memory. I guarantee, your knowledge and abilities will be interesting to people around.

The fact that nervous cages are not restored - delusion. If to give to a brain work, then due to strengthening of brain blood circulation the destroyed communication between cells of a brain is reestablished, speeding up work of neurons.

A trial and error method, udach and chagrin, having aggregated difficult experience of harmonization of a difficult life situation and having shared it with you, I do not plan to apply for recognition by its scientific work. With questions - please, address. I wish you and your relatives of health, intellectual health!